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Extending Your Tennis Game with Artificial Turf

Have you ever taken a close look at your local tennis courts? It’s likely that they’re either cheap bitumen or painted gravel surfaces, neither of which are very attractive or comfortable to play on. But did you know that artificial and synthetic turf has become very popular as a great tennis surface? It can be found in the backyards of private homes, in clubs around the country, and in sporting institutions. Given its popularity, you might be wondering what benefits it offers as opposed to other surfaces.


The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

There are a number of expert and professional companies around Australia that have a lot of experience installing synthetic surfaces, and it is possible to find a reputable team that handles tennis court construction in Brisbane.

There are also a number of advantages to having synthetic tennis court surfaces installed, including:

  • Maintenance: The artificial grass fibre is low maintenance and the lines on a court only require cleaning once per day. Additionally, base lines, tram lines and serving lines can all be permanently marked as part of the synthetic court surface during installation. This means that they don’t need to be re-painted!


  • Extended seasons and better matches: The fact that synthetic tennis courts don’t need watering or heavy duty maintenance means that players can get on with their game at any time of the year! This is great news for both casual players and those looking to take their game to the next level under specialised coaching. These types of courts also drain well, so even after a rain shower on outdoor courts, the surface is ready to play on again very quickly. Matches no longer need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, and poor drainage and pooling.
  • Injuries: The technology around artificial sports surfaces has increased to the point that they can be made to feel very solid underfoot, whilst only impacting minimally on muscles and joints. This provides a level of certainty to players so that they are not worrying about injuries cutting their seasons short. This is especially beneficial for highly skilled amateurs who are being coached to play at higher levels.


  • Customisable: Due to the greatly improved techniques behind the installation of artificial tennis court surfaces, the synthetic surface can be customised using silica sand for a particular style and speed of play. Several different types of materials can even be installed in clubs and institutions to allow different speeds of play.
  • Durable: Even though grass surfaces are very attractive, they require a lot of annual maintenance and also need special drainage channels installed. Synthetic surfaces are UV and water resistant, are tough and durable even under heavy use, and simply require far less maintenance.

A Better Sporting Experience

Though traditional surfaces are often preferred, the popularity of synthetic tennis court surfaces cannot be ignored. For many clubs, having one installed by an experienced and professional team makes good sense. They are easy to maintain, very hardy and durable, predictable underfoot, drain very well, and can be used all year. This translates to better matches and longer seasons.


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