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The Promotion of the Australian National Flag and the Work of Allan Pidgeon

It might surprise you to know that there are many people who are actively working to preserve one of the most iconic things about Australia: its national flag. There have been many talks in the past about making changes to the flag, especially due to geographical or political changes that ...

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What To Do If You Get Caught Driving On A Suspended Licence

There are lots of offences that you can commit while out on the roads, from speeding and driving dangerously through to talking on a mobile phone and drink driving but what happens if you have already been caught doing something illegal and you have had your licence suspended and then ...

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The Russian Craze: 6 Things to Consider Before Using a Dating Site

So you have finally found a nice dating website for yourself, where there are thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women displaying their pictures for you and enticing your senses to talk to them, meet them and marry one of them! But wait a minute… do you really think they are ...

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