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Fast Facts About 80% Gun Pieces

For those of you who are legally able to own a firearm, one of the easiest and fastest ways to make sure you are armed is to buy 80% lowers. There are many reasons why these pieces are so popular, here are just a few.

1. 80% lowers are not actual functional firearms. They are a molded piece of metal that is in the shape of a gun which must be specially machined to be able to function. Special drilling techniques need to be used and the equipment needed is very critical to the achievement of this goal.

2. These are completely different than a receiver because, with a receiver, you must be able to pass an FFL background check. With an 80% lowers, there is no need for such hassle. One big reason this is so is that the ATF has ruled that 80% lowers are not actually firearms since they, in and of themselves, cannot be fired. This is another reason why they remain to be so controversial. People who are anti-gun think they are too easy to be manufactured into operable firearms. Although this is actually kind of the point of their existence.

3. Another thing that is very appealing about the pieces of metal is that since they are not professionally manufactured, they do not need to bear an engraved serial number like a traditional firearm would be required to. While it is recommended in the event the firearm is stolen or lost, it is not legally required and you will face no penalties if you do not do so.

As you can see, there are a great many reasons why someone would want to own 80% lowers, not only are they relatively easy to manufacture if you have the proper tools, they are a great timesaver when you just want a gun quickly.

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