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Thanking a Helpful Neighbor

Whether a favorite neighbor always watches your house while you’re on vacation, brings you soup when you’re sick or simply brightens your day with a cheerful greeting, repay the favor with a heartfelt gesture. Consider different ways to show appreciation for the person who simplifies your life and makes the neighborhood a friendlier place to live.

Fun Treats

Give your kind neighbor an assortment of snacks that he can enjoy during an outing or on a relaxing day in front of the television. Build gift baskets under $50 featuring such items as cookies, candy, fruit, cheese, gourmet popcorn and assorted nuts. If he happens to be a devoted pet owner, consider creating a present for his four-legged friends instead – fill a container with dog or cat treats, toys and a bone or catnip.

Helping Hands

If the man down the street is always around when you need him, return the favor by offering to assist your neighbor as well. Spend an afternoon pulling weeds in the yard, babysit his children, take his garbage cans back to the garage or offer to pick up some essentials when you’re heading to the supermarket, for example.

Street Celebration

When a neighbor provides not only you but also the rest of the residents with constant goodwill and assistance, host a gathering as a way to say thank you. Have a block party, barbeque or potluck featuring his favorite appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Throughout the event, ask everyone to recount fond memories, funny stories or fascinating tidbits about the guest of honor.

It doesn’t take much effort to find a thoughtful way to repay a neighbor for acts of kindness. Yet any gesture will not only show you care but also ensure your relationship continues on a positive, amiable path in the days and years to come.

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