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4 Top Qualities to look for in an Asbestos lawyer

Asbestos exposure is hazardous, and it can lead to severe illnesses like lung cancer and mesothelioma. If you have been a victim of wrongful exposure, you need legal representation to get fair compensation for your suffering.  One of the benefits of hiring an asbestos lawyer is to ensure you are well compensated for your suffering. Some qualities that you can be on the look for include:


This is the first quality that you should look for in an asbestos lawyer. It would be best if you had someone who has already handled similar cases to yours. Due to the severity of this case, you do not want to take a chance with someone who has never done this before, despite being affordable. Find one who has at least five years’ experience in dealing with such cases.  An experienced lawyer is familiar with the law regarding asbestos liability to provide legal counsel to their clients. They have also argued many cases, and they know what works and what does not. Ask for recommendation and research on the best lawyers that can handle your case.

Successful track record

Apart from experience, you will also need someone who has won such cases before. Experience alone is not enough if the attorney is yet to win such a case. While this is not a complete assurance that the attorney will win your case, it gives you confidence. An attorney who has successfully argued on the dangers of asbestos exposure will be able to persuade the court to take your side. They should also be good at negotiating substantial settlements if the case is not going to court.

Good communication skills

Great attorneys will give you attention once you approach them with your case. You want someone who is going to listen to you and understand your situation. If you approach a lawyer in their office and are distracted or keep picking other calls, they might miss details regarding your case.  Also, the lawyer should not keep interrupting you as you speak. If they have questions, they wait till you are done, then ask.  Depending on your case, they should be able to provide sound counsel on how you should proceed.

Free consultation

It is best to find an asbestos lawyer who will offer a free consultation before you hire them. That will help you determine whether this lawyer is the right fit for you. While you may not get legal advice at this point, you can ask questions such as whether your claim is viable and what the costs are involved if they take your case. If you do not have any documentation to prove that you have mesothelioma, they will advise you on the case’s viability. Also, ask whether they work on a contingency basis.  Confirm other costs that you can expect, like court costs and medical record request fees.

If you were not the only victim of asbestos exposure, it is best to work with the others. Together you can be able to raise the legal fees, and it also makes your case stronger. You can click here to find a lawyer who will help you get compensated for your case.

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