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Mesothelioma Treatment Guide

There are two mesothelioma types, pleural mesothelioma, and peritoneal mesothelioma, and both are treated differently. Once you have been diagnosed with either of the two, your next step is deciding on treatment.  First, a specialist will discuss with you the available options depending on several factors like:

  • The type, stage, and location of the mesothelioma
  • Your financial circumstances
  • Your fitness, health, and age

With all those factors considered, you can begin treatment.

Treatment for pleural mesothelioma


In chemotherapy, an oncologist will combine these three drugs, cisplatin, carboplatin, and pemetrexed, to kill cancer cells or slow down their growth. This combination helps increase the survival chances by a few months, rather than using one drug.  Chemotherapy is meant to improve one’s quality of life, lengthen it and reduce symptoms. However, it does not work the same for everyone. Some common side effects of chemotherapy that you can expect include fatigue, sore or dry mouth, reduced kidney function, and increased risk of anemia.

Radiation Therapy

Commonly known as radiotherapy, it is the use of radiation to kill or shrink cancer cells so that they do not spread, grow or multiply.  Radiotherapy can be used in different ways depending on the cancer stage the patient is at. This treatment plan is meant to destroy cancer cells while causing as little harm as normal tissue. These sessions are usually short, taking around 20 minutes. Some side effects of radiotherapy that you can expect include fatigue, hair loss in the treatment area, painful swallowing, and cracked skin that looks sunburnt.

Trimodality Therapy

This is a combination of chemotherapy, radical radiation therapy, and radical surgery to treat mesothelioma.  Most people opt for this kind of treatment because they want to get rid of as many cancer cells as possible. However, this treatment is intensive, and it will depend on the state of your health before you undertake it.

Treatment for peritoneal mesothelioma


If the peritoneal mesothelioma has not spread, then a patient can have a surgery called peritonectomy.  The surgery will be followed by chemotherapy to get rid of as many cancer cells as possible. However, this surgery is complex with a lengthy recovery time. The surgeon will have to consider factors like the general fitness and health of a patient before performing the surgery.


Patients with peritoneal mesothelioma can also undergo chemotherapy. If you have undergone peritonectomy, chemotherapy drugs will be administered directly into your abdomen. Some side effects that you may expect include numbness or tingling of hands or feet and loss of appetite.

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