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Mistakes to avoid during a move

Moving day brings a lot of a stress, together with a high chance of making big mistakes. And while making mistakes is normal, when they end up costing you time and money, you might want to try to avoid them. Simplify your moving process and learn what mistakes to avoid with tips from Let’s Get Moving, which has been among the best condo movers in Toronto for over a decade!

Scheduling your move too late

Since it is a task people usually aren’t really fond of, it might be that you postpone the administrative aspects of your move. And since one of the first steps – right after deciding to move – is to actually decide on a date for your move, people often find themselves doing this a little too late. And don’t get us wrong here, there are great Toronto movers which you can hire at the very last minute. However, for the sake of your own mental health, you might really want to avoid doing that. Scheduling properly will allow for a proper organization of the relocation. Not to mention you will be able to take things one at a time, without rushing things and risking bad decisions.

Packing too late

This is not a fun task to do, either. But it is the most time-consuming task in the entire moving process. This is why you should take care of it properly. Start by planning everything and, if you share the house with family members or friends, divide tasks. Pack the hardest rooms first, to leave the easy work for the end. If you are under time pressure, consider hiring Toronto condo movers to do the packing for you. Many downtown Toronto movers specialize in professional packing, as well, and their experience allows them to pack faster than an average person.

Not getting enough moving supplies

….or not getting the moving supplies you need. If you buy only medium-sized cardboard boxes, but then realize you have to pack the 20 large paintings you have, you will have to take a new trip to the supply store. The later this happens, the faster the level of stress will increase. When planning a move, you need to do a proper inventory of the things you own. Only after that should you proceed to buy the moving supplies you need. Don’t forget to buy shrink wrap, tape, boxes of all sizes, markers, and bubble wrap.

Forgetting about the administrative issues

If you hire condo movers Toronto – and we hope you do – you still might need to take care of some issues yourself. Booking the elevator, reserving a slot in the parking lot for the moving truck, even hiring a babysitter for your kid. All of these are tasks you should plan as soon as you decide upon your moving date. Since many other people are also involved and they could be affected by your improper scheduling, keep this in mind while you plan things! You should also be aware of the fact that any great Toronto movers will take care of some of these aspects themselves. Sure, they will not book the nanny, but they might just take care of the parking permit and the elevator reservation. When you contact them for booking your move, ask about the services they provide!

Not taking safety measures

Imagine you are a professional mover and you will need to carry out of your house all of your belongings – without seeing everything properly, since your sight will be partially obstructed. Will you be able to do that? Is there a hallway that is too narrow or a mirror that is too close to a corner or a slippery carpet that could lead to accidents? Consider all of these beforehand, for everyone’s sake! Clear the paths, place the items safely, stack wisely. And sincewe are going through a pandemic, there are extra safety measures you should consider. Wear a mask, avoid getting too close to your crew of movers, keep items clean and sanitized. If you hire reputable condo movers in Toronto, they will come properly equipped. All great Toronto movers take proper preventive measures against the spreading of the virus very seriously and will protect themselves and you, as well. Just make sure to do your own part here!

Moving is not easy, but it’s also not rocket science. Basically, everything we wrote here can be summed up in one sentence: plan properly and stick to the schedule! This way, you will avoid extra stress and rush that could lead to mistakes. And while a move doesn’t imply catastrophes, the process can still lead to damaging your precious belongings. Avoid that! Let’s Get Moving has gathered in the same team some of the greatest movers in Toronto. With over 10 years of experience as downtown Toronto movers, we manage thousands of moves every year.

Get in touch with us for more details and for booking a move!

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