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Ideas to keep Children Active

When it comes to keep children entertained and active, there are a lot of different things to consider.  You want to get the balance correct that you do not spoil them but equally you are making sure they are having a good time.  Some activities are not cheap therefore getting them engaged in something that is affordable to you needs to be considered.  Here are some activities that you may wish to look at.


There are many UK Trampoline parks dotted around the country where you could pay one off fees or even become a member of.  This seems to be becoming a growing activity in this country.  When people think of this they immediately come to the conclusion that generally this is outdoors but that is not the case.  A lot of the trampolining clubs are indoor and can be used all year round.  Although we are highlighting this as an activity for children, this is also a really good family day out and adults will also have a lot of fun doing this.  The costs for this are relatively low and are based on the duration you would like to spend on the trampoline.


Going a cycle is a really good way to get out and about in the fresh air and see some scenery.  Bikes can be relatively cheap nowadays and for children you can purchase these with stabilisers if they are not to competent on the cycling skills.  There are many recognised routes and dedicated cycling paths in most areas.  What can become more expensive when cycling is the equipment required to do this safely.  Be sure to shop around when you are purchasing the accessories for bikes including things like helmets.

Ten Pin Bowling

A good day out for the kids and family is ten pin bowling.  I don’t think there is any city in the UK that does not boast a ten pin bowling centre.  The energy levels that people get from this activity are extremely high and the actual costs associated with this are not too expensive.


It may be an idea for your son or daughter to join a football club.  With this being the most popular sport in the UK there are clubs for all ages in most areas.  The costs of this are extremely cheap and generally you require to only pay a weekly fee.  This will cover the venue, strips and sometimes travel if you need to go to another area.  Football is also for both boys and girls and you will find different teams to suit both.


In school, children will participate in athletics activities such as long jump, running and shot.  You can extend their participation of these activities outside school and join a local athletics club.  Inspired by events such as the Olympics and European Championships there is the inspiration for your children to do well at these activities and maybe one day they will be the one winning a medal for their country.

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