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Different Things to do in London

London is one of the most popular cities in the world and hosts some fantastic attractions and sites.  With millions of tourists visiting the UK’s capital city every year people are always looking to see what the city has on offer.  Here are some suggestions of things you can do.

Visit the Queen

When we say visit the Queen, we actually mean visit her home – Buckingham Palace.  This is one of the most popular tourist attractions where you can get you tram to Westminster and walk down the royal mile to see her massive and fantastic home.  If she is home then you will see the royal flag erected.  If you go at the correct times then you may also get to see the changing of the guard.  This is when her loyal soldiers with the red uniforms and large black hats will change shift – the parade they do here is really awesome.  The get the details of the timings of this, check out the palace website details.  It is extremely unlikely that you will get to see Her Majesty however there will be occasions when this is possible.  This includes things like the Queens Birthday Parade or even a Royal Wedding.

Escape Rooms

There are several London escape room games sites in the city where they get your mind boggling.  These team based activities offer a lot of thinking but excitement.  Generally what happens is that you will be locked in a room and you have 1 hour to escape.  The quicker you escape the better your accomplishment.  Follow the instructions and clues to try and find a solution to the mystery.  The background and effects in these rooms are usually very exiting also.  There are many different escape room sites and there are ones for different group sizes (starting from 2) to much larger group sizes.  This is a great team activity that gives a lot of high energy.

Houses of Parliament

The UK has a very traditional parliamentary system and has two very large houses where the politicians will debate the laws of the country.  You have the House of Parliament and the House of Lords.  The buildings here are really old and have a lot of history.  On some occasions, you can even get tours to certain areas of them.  A good recommendation to see these properly is to get on one of the local boats that is going up and down the River Thames where you will see both these buildings on the riverside.

02 Arena

The O2 arena was built for 2000 and originally was just a tourist attraction.  This has now evolved to be a massive attraction for different sporting events and concerts.  If there is a large famous singer or band coming to the UK, it is very likely that the 02 is the place they will go.  You will also find tennis, boxing and other significant event coming to this location.  Check out their website and see what is going on.

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