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Different Tourist Suggestions for UK

When you are looking for locally hosted tourist ideas in the UK one of the first places people will go to is Tourist Information websites.  Clearly they will look to give you some of the things that they think are appealing to people coming into that area.  This will include latest attractions, countryside walks, museums and even places to eat and drink.  Specifically in the UK there are some things that tourists may want to consider.


The most popular sport by far in the UK is football (or soccer). Whether you are in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales you will always find local football teams and supporters.  If you have not been to one of these matches before then why not give it a go.  It may only be 90 minutes of football play however the tickets for a game are not particularly expensive.  This sort of activity is open to all the family.  There are different types of games also and if you are lucky you may be in for a treat if you manage to get a cup tie.  Depending on the football team you are going to watch you may require to purchase the tickets well in advance so make sure you plan this activity to avoid any disappointment.

Country Walks

The UK is very well known for having good scenic walks.  They are also known for having some pretty poor and unreliable weather.  No matter where you are in the UK, you won’t be too far away from a nice walk in the countryside.  Lots of the walks are very well sign posted and recognised routes.  This allows you to check this out in advance to understand the different types of terrain and the level of difficulty and distance.  Be sure to check out the weather forecast in advance and ensure that you have the correct clothes to suit.  If you are feeling particularly adventurous then you may even decide to climb a small mountain.  Specifically in places like Scotland there is lots to choose from.

Theme Parks

There are many different theme parks all over the UK.  This includes places like Alton Towers in the East Midlands that has many different roller coasters and themed rides.  You could also try out somewhere like Lego Land down south which is a fantastic day out for all the family.  Not all theme parks are open all year round therefore be sure to check their seasons beforehand.  In addition, check out the internet for any special deals on tickets rather than just turn up at the gate and potentially miss out on a bargain.


The UK has some really magnificent castles.  These have been well maintained and offer a lot of cultural insight and history.  Pretend you are a King or Queen for the day and take the children to one of these sites for either free or a very small fee.

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