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A Guide to the Home Counties

If you have lived in Britain for any time period, then you will have heard the term ‘Home Counties’ batted around at some point. Where, and what, are these mythical places? This short article will explore them and hopefully explain why they still remain one of the most popular areas of the UK to live.

What Are the Home Counties?

The Home Counties are the collection of counties that surround the city of London; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, and Oxfordshire. No-one is exactly sure where the name comes from but it has been around for centuries.

These beautiful counties have been favoured as an alternative home to London for years. Although they have a reputation for attracting the affluent, there are plenty of places to head if you don’t have a millionaire’s budget.

A Commuter’s Dream

The Home Counties are beloved by London’s commuters desperately escaping the capital’s crazy housing market. With more space for a much lower price, it is easy to see why they love them so. The many towns and villages provide a family-friendly atmosphere while still offering high-speed transport links directly into the centre of London.

With the great train links on offer, you can expect to be in the capital in under an hour.

Steeped in History

As a collection of some of England’s finest counties, there are some fantastic opportunities for you to explore the nation’s history. There are castles abound; from Windsor Castle, favourite of the current queen, to old haunts of the Tudors.

The academically-inclined can also find a home amongst the colleges of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Whether you are actually a student of these hallowed halls or simply a visitor admiring the stunning architecture, you are sure to have a great day out. Just watch out for the cyclists!

Always Something to Do

The Home Counties are home to way more than just castles and universities. There is an entire beautiful coastline to be explored on walks while the towns boast many interesting attractions to keep you entertained for days.

The old seaside resorts like Margate, Clacton, and Southend-on-Sea still have plenty to offer including proper old-fashioned English arcades and piers. Anyone who spent time here as a child will love the nostalgia while newcomers will find plenty to entertain them. Trendy towns like Brighton have lots of alternative shops and experiences to explore. For any Harry Potter fans, you can’t miss the studio tour at Leaves den in Hertfordshire; great for adults reliving their childhoods and little ones wanting to explore the world they are falling in love with.

The Home Counties are also home to a plethora of fantastic pubs and restaurants that greatly outnumbers anything we could explore here. For great places to eat and drink, turn to the advice of local blogs like Muddy Stilettos Berkshire, they’ll never do you wrong!

Bored with London and wanting to get away for a while? The Home Counties will always be there to greet you!

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