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Tips to Selecting a Cleaning Company

Whether you are looking to employ a cleaning service as a company or individual, there are a lot of choices out there for you to consider.  There are Regional Cleaning Services everywhere, dotted around the country that offer competitive prices.  Don’t just jump in and choose the first one that you come across.  Here are some tips on selecting a service.

What is the Scope of their Task?

If you are employing the service specifically for your home then no doubt you are looking for them to do a regular clean of all areas.  With this in mind, you will probably employ the company or person on an hourly rate.  You should think yourself how long this would take and then look at the company to give a price.  On most companies websites it will include their fees but also their availability in areas.  Some people may choose to not have a regular service but are looking more for a deep clean or one off.  This could be because of a specific activity or event.  Again, just scope this out so that the company knows exactly what it is you are looking for.   Some companies may also include things like an ironing service so bear this in mind also.

Company or Individual?

You have the choice on whether or not you would employ a company or an individual.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  If you look to employ a company then you can generally be rest assured that the quality of the clean will be high but also they should be reliable in terms of timings etc.  They may however cost a little more than what an individual would cost.  If you use an individual there needs to be an element of caution, specifically if you do not know the person.  Make sure that they give you some background about them and you have a level of confidence in them.  Most people will choose to have the cleaning services when they are not in the home therefore it is important that you choose the correct people you can trust.

Getting Background Information

We would suggest that you do a bit of research and get some background information on the company or person.  You can do this by speaking with them direct and ask for evidence or sometimes on the internet you can get reviews.  When selecting a service it may also be worth while asking others around you if they use a similar service and try to get a recommendation.

Are Materials Provided?

It is important from the offset to understand whether or not materials are provided.  You would normally assume this is the case but it isn’t and it is sometimes a way for the company or person to drive down their costs.  Be sure to get this understood from the beginning.  If the materials are not included then you will need to provide a vacuum cleaner, mop and all cleaning equipment.

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