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6 Survival Tips for Your Next Pub Crawl

Whether you’re about to get married or have a special birthday, going on a pub crawl can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion. When you take a crawl with your friends, be smart and hire a party bus or limo to drive everyone to prevent breaking the law and ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some other survival tips for enjoying a pub crawl with your mates.

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Rest Beforehand

If you have time to do so, rest before going out for the night with your friends, especially if you are going on a pub crawl after being at work all day. It’s hard to celebrate when you’re dragging because you’re tired. Try to relax and sleep before you have to get ready to go out, even a 45-minute power nap can refresh you enough to be able to party all night.

Eat Something

Drinking on an empty stomach is always a bad idea. You need to eat before going out for the night so you don’t get drunker than you intend. Food will help absorb some of the alcohol you drink, so if you don’t eat before leaving the house, it might be a good idea to make a stop with your friends for dinner or bring snacks for throughout the night.

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Hydrate Yourself

Before dashing out of the house, drink at least one glass of water to help keep yourself hydrated. Alcohol will dehydrate you and you will wake up with an enormous hangover the next day if you’ve partied too hard. Try to have at least one glass of water at each stop during the crawl as well.

Stay with Mates

When you are going from place to place, try to stay with at least one of your friends. They can help you escape a bad situation and keep you from embarrassing yourself by getting too drunk. Celebrate your special event with bus hire in Perth and make sure everyone that started with you is still with you before going to the next pub.

Stay with Mates

Skip the Cameras

Make a “no camera” rule for the evening so no one has evidence of the pub crawl and how you may have acted during the night. Have your mates leave their mobiles in the party bus or in their pockets during the pub crawl. This will prevent embarrassing photos from being posted online or being circulated amongst your friends.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember to have fun and enjoy the evening! Don’t get too caught up in trying to behave yourself or trying to prevent your mates from getting too wild while you’re celebrating. While you don’t want to end up being arrested, you also don’t want to be a buzz kill.

Enjoy Yourself

Your celebratory pub crawl can be a lot of fun if you mind these helpful survival tips. You can dance the night away, enjoy trying new drinks at the different pubs in town and get everyone home safely by hiring a party bus or limo.

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