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Avoid Product-Related Injury with the right Trampoline

Your children matter to you, and their safety is always your top concern. You certainly don’t want to see them get injured when playing outside. If you’ve been considering a new trampoline, there’s good reason; after all, a backyard trampoline is a great way to get children outside, engaged in an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise, but you worry about the injury factor and rightly so. Traditional trampolines with exposed frames and springs have long been the source of emergency room visits for children.


Now you can make the kids happy and not have the anxiety that older model trampolines brought to mind. Take a look at the state of the art models at Springfree Trampoline that are setting the new industry standard. With a hidden frame and flexible composite rods, these are being called the safest trampolines, and with the removal of springs altogether, their design is grabbing attention.

Having won numerous awards, including the International Design Award, The US Family Choice Award, and The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, this type of trampoline is the safest you will find in Canada. So when you are shopping for a trampoline, make sure that it is backed by at least 1 of these awards.

According to the Canada Safety Council, “Most injuries occur from falling onto the trampoline springs or frame and while attempting somersaults or other stunts.” This only makes sense, and if you don’t have a frame or springs to fall into, you are less likely to be hurt. Springfree’s patented spring-less design uses composite rods instead, and hides them, along with the frame below the mat where it’s impossible for bouncers to make contact. Another safety feature to look for is a SoftEdge mat — one that is 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional foam pads. Combined with the hidden frame and the patented FlexiNet enclosure, this feature eliminates most product-related injury.

You will also want to make sure that the entire trampoline is put together and quality tested at the same site. A high-quality trampoline from Springfree Trampoline Canada is always safety tested at the site it is manufactured, ensuring the highest in product quality.

According to the New Brunswick Medical Society, “Jump alone! Only one person should be using the trampoline at a time. 75% of injuries occur when there is more than one person on a trampoline.” Following a few basic safety rules and having a responsible adult present to reinforce the rules will help ensure the world’s safest trampoline really is the safest for your child.

In an attempt to emphasize the importance of solo bouncing (as part of a broader safety mandate), Springfree has introduced the new tgoma game system which not only encourages activity through sensory-input bouncing related games (such as Fruitants and Whatzat) but it also incentivizes solo play. The interactive tgoma system harnesses the instinctive passion children have for interactive games, taking screen time outside and making it active. Jumpers benefit from an endless array of health benefits, from cardiovascular fitness, to bone strengthening, to endorphin release — offering a fun way to merge exercise with play. The games and activities available through tgoma have been designed for the entire family including educational games as well as interactive fitness options.

So go ahead; the time is now to invest in a trampoline for your family — just make sure you are getting the safest trampoline possible, with no visible springs or frame, a SoftEdge mat, one that comes equipped with interactive gaming for the whole family. Follow the safety instructions and your kids will have a great time while increasing their exercise, time outdoors, and socialization.

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