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A Note On Anabol Positive Effects And Its Doses

Anabol is a powerful steroid to be injected, can be spread as cream, applied via skin patch or taken orally. All the modes of taking the beneficial drug doses are equally effective. Popularly sold as D-Anabol or Dianabol is best to grow strong muscles, build up stamina and enhance your endurance power. Earlier when it was introduced in the midst of 60s, it was prescribed for patients who have undergone severe trauma and needed to gain weight. Later its qualities where recognized worldwide and sold like pancakes in every drug selling counter.


Users of anabol can gain 4 to 5 pounds per week which is quite beneficial for body builders and weightlifters to have the needed muscle strength in just few weeks of consuming the doses of the drug. Anabol is used in cutting cycle of steroids with another effective steroid to marinating gained muscles and enhance stamina.

Features of the beneficial drug:

  • Anabol has both androgenic and anabolic effects, hence only utilize to gain body weight and muscle tissues.
  • Anabol and its alternative drugs are best to achieve protein metabolism. This helps in bringing stability of nitrogen quite essential to build up muscle mass.
  • It even helps in accumulating of calcium in bone tissue, resulting in strengthening of bone frame work in whole body.
  • It helps in increasing red blood cells, thus aid in smooth flowing of blood in circulatory system.
  • It enhances anaerobic glycolysis which aid in increasing lactic acid in body to form glycogen, much needed to stimulate metabolism rate and to drive away dietary carbohydrates.

As any product having the composition of Methandienone is sold as Dianabol or Anabol, you can’t brand it has the product of a particular company. The drug unique properties enable to treat laryngeal cancer patients.


As the effect of the drug wears off after 4 to 5 hours, you need to take the doses twice a day. Having 5 to 10 mg tablets per day twice will be enough to experience gain in muscle mass in few weeks time. Generally Anabol or its alternative doses are consumed for 5 to 6 weeks. If you need to continue it longer, best to take the doses every alternative day from start.

Start with ANABOL-5mg twice a day and increase the dosage proportion after a week, if you are a beginner, since it will be helpful for beginners in steroid spectrum. This helps in retaining water as it aromatizes easily and causes estrogenic side effects.

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