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The Easiest Way to Get a Customized Xbox One

Last year, you got lucky with a lot of stellar releases, like Metal Gear Solid V and Halo 5; but 2016 is shaping to be an even better year, with the likes of Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, and theDoomreboot hitting the shelves in the near future. When they do, you’re going to be very busy playing the latest and greatest Xbox releases.


Chances are, if you’re an Xbox One fanatic, you’re preparing as we speak for the upcoming release of Dark Souls 3. You pre-ordered it months ago, and you booked off the first weekend after its release so you could devote all of your time to the game. And you plan on repeating this for every big game. With all of this preparation for a year of gaming, don’t forget about the console itself. You should put some thought into protecting our Xbox.

Though powerful, the Xbox One isn’t totally impervious to malfunctions, and it can fall victim to overheating, grime, and dust. Controllers can see a lot of damage, especially during marathon gaming days during particularly hard campaigns and challenges. Who of us here hasn’t hurled a controller on the ground in frustration after losing again to an opponent without saving? If you expect to keep your Xbox in good enough shape to see all of the upcoming releases, you need a way to protect your gaming gear. But don’t worry – protection doesn’t have to interfere with the console or its controllers. Personalized Xbox One skins can protect and enhance the system’s natural design.

Skins are similar to stickers that are designed to fit around the Xbox, the Kinect, and the controller’s toggles and bumper buttons. They’ve been engineered to create a fit so close, it’s down to a micro-millimeter. The skins themselves are made out of a 3M vinyl that covers the system without adding bulk that can interfere with your gameplay, as the vinyl is only 0.23 millimeters thick. 3M vinyl is the best material for the job, as it can keep grime, dust, and spilled liquid away from your Xbox. The material will also save your machine from any scratches, scuffs, or gouges that could occur during a particularly rough game.

Protection that works with the Xbox’s design is one thing. Xbox One skins that enhance the console’s design is another thing all together. When you check out dbrand.com/shop/xbox-one, you can find cool, eye-catching patterns that upgrade the basic black (or white) of your Xbox. You can go for a futurist look of titanium or a sophisticated style of faux mahogany panelling.

Whether you plan on holing up in your basement for an entire weekend alone or inviting the gang over to check out the latest release, the list of 2016’s top games is reason enough to start looking forward to the future. By ensuring your Xbox is properly protected for any situation, your system will be ready to play any and every game that you get this year.

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