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Get Ahead of the Trends by Partnering with the Right Chemical Distributor

If you’re on the lookout for the newest trends in product development, you need to find a distributor who can connect your industry with the newest in chemical innovation. In order to provide your end-users with the best possible products, you need to find the right ingredients, and that often means staying ahead of the trends.

You should be seeking a company that successfully weds global ingredient manufacturers with North American industry, and who is focused on bringing a competitive global supply network to you — by sourcing new and innovative products in areas such as food chemistry, healthy aging, green cleaning, and custom oilfield applications. Through label-friendly, functional, and cost-effective ingredients, the right chemical distributor can bring the newest trends in chemical distribution innovation to your end users. Use the following verticals to find the right company for you:

Get Ahead of the

  1. Experience and innovation are key, so look for an expert distributor that will combine years of market and product knowledge with an interest in the new and not-yet-accomplished. The resultant innovations in formulation challenges and relief from logistics headaches will trickle down to your end-user.
  1. Never discount the importance of global reach and always look for a distributor with suppliers from every corner of the world. Your business will benefit from access to global connections – the latest trends, the most up-to-date sources of information on the global ingredient and chemical industry.
  1. Don’t forget about local market knowledge — find a company that understands North America. Look for a distributor like Oakville’s Cambrian Solutions, who carries with them a long client list — customers who produce everything from shampoo to kosher foods, who pull oil from the ground and make trees into paper, who have made advances producing environmentally friendly laundry detergent and pain relieving tablets.

Consumers are demanding more and more each year, and environmental responsibility, along with clean-label, natural ingredients are on the top of everyone’s list. A trend-conscious chemical distributor like Cambrian will help you deliver innovative materials to your company, whether you specialize in

  • Green cleaning, from household to personal cleaning products,
  • Healthy aging products, including proactively searching for preventative measures, avoiding the risk of injury, irritation and discomfort, offering natural ingredients to help companies create products for joint care, tendon health and general mobility or external health such as skin care, or
  • Food additives, providing label-friendly, practical, and cost-effective ingredients, including natural, label-friendly salt reduction and MSG replacement technologies, or catering to Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Preservative-Free or All Natural markets.

Cambrian Solutions will find the chemical ingredients and additives that can help you put the products that end-users want directly into their hands. Their portfolio is expanding every day to include more technical specialty innovations that satisfy those demands. The right chemical distributor will help bridge the gap between chemical advancements and your niche industry.

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