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Medical Scrubs Go Designer

From the plain loose colorless uniforms, the medical scrubs have changed its appearance from time to time. Although the hospitals allocate uniforms to their staff for the hours they spend at hospital, they might not be satisfied wearing that plain set of dress that is just too dull. Some health organizations and non-surgical facilities letstheirstaff wear scrubs that they like. This has led to the popularity of designer scrubs for the nurses and other medical staff.  Changing to the needs the market offers stylish and comfortable scrubs that are available in a number of fits and colors.  Looking at what the market has to provide, one would love the flattering fits and details of these work attires. The choice allows the user to celebrate their individuality and confidence. A number of companies like Harmony Surgical Scrub Designs make such beautiful scrubs available in the market for those who like fashion forward styles.


Although the focus is on style, the scrub makers cannot evade the real purpose of this medical uniform. So the scrub fabric needs to remain as comfortable as possible so that the user is able to carry out their chores with ease. The fabric needs to be soft and flexible so that it can be stretched to a comfortable fit. These days you can also find scrubs in rayon and spandex fabrics but still the recommended ones should be made of 100 percent cotton fabric.

For the scrubs that add a little more flare you can choose the scrubs of favorite colors and prints. The prints like flowers, stripes, cartoons and others can be easily found with scrub suppliers. Even when you want embroideries and contrastsas per your preference, they can be found. If not anywhereelse, you can look for the varied patterns and colors on the online shops. In fact the basic colors can still be found for those who like conservative style.

There have been some latest introduction to the scrubs and the latest ones are mock wrap tops, scoop, empire waists, long and short sleeves lengths etc. for women. For the males also the choice is wide and they can choose from among basic short or long sleeve to zipper front and button shirts. Remember that whatever style or color you choose, be sure that it does not beat the basic purpose of this medical uniform.

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