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iPhone Spying: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Although iPhone spying tech has been around for quite some time now, it continues to remain shrouded in mystery. For so long has it carried a questionable repute that people still feel reluctant to talk about it openly, fearing that they’d be judged and criticized for showing so much “interest” in what many still consider a controversial tech. Avoiding any discussion on iPhone spying is precisely what has led to anxiety and confusion among those overly concerned about their privacy and security. They simply ask “can you spy on iPhone?”, and upon receiving an affirmative answer, they are gripped by paranoia. The reaction is understandable but very much avoidable if only they follow up their initial inquiry with a series of additional questions. If you are suffering from a similar paranoia, then here are a few questions that you should really be asking to put your concerns and fear pertaining to iPhone spying to rest, or at least bring them down a bit.

Are All iPhones Vulnerable to Spying Tech?

Before you start panicking over the growing prevalence of iPhone spy app, you first need to determine if you’re exposed to the risk. Apple has certainly made a committed effort to secure its flagship smartphone in order to offer its users protection against majority of the digital threats. However, if you’ve jailbroken your device, then you’ve effectively exited the secure environment and stepped into an unknown and insecure territory. That is where your iPhone finds itself at the mercy of spying tech. There’s nothing to prevent the latter from landing on your device and scooping up all your data to deliver it to a third party. However, if you’ve listened to Apple and refrained from tinkering with the official firmware, then you’ve got very little to worry about as you’re largely safe from the threat of spying apps. Yes, some iPhone spying solutions have emerged in recent times that even allow unsolicited access to non-jailbroken devices, but they are far too few in number, and their terms of service strictly prohibit their use for anything illegal.

iPhone Spying

What Exactly Can iPhone Spy Apps Fetch?

While you keep yourself in the dark, you’re bound to keep experiencing the fear of the unknown. Therefore, the smartest thing for you to do to overcome this fear is to actually learn about the capabilities of iPhone spying tech. What you may discover may not necessarily make you feel relieved, but at least you won’t find yourself unaware of the nature and magnitude of the threat. Upon doing a bit of research, you’ll discover that some of the best iPhone spying apps available today have the following features in their arsenal:

  • Call details and contacts logging
  • SMS, MMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik, and Skype logging
  • Location tracking
  • Picture and video logging
  • Support for non-jailbroken iPhone (extremely rare feature)

These kind of features certainly invoke fear and may even make you wish for ignorance, but keeping your eyes tightly shut isn’t going to make the threat any less severe. You need to ask what they are capable of, and upon getting the answer, you should use your knowledge to put up a better defense.

Are There Any Concrete Measures to Keep iPhone Spy Apps at Bay?

Upon discovering just how fierce a threat iPhone spying tech is, people start panicking, and in this panic state, they forget to ask the most important thing, i.e. if there is a way to fend off this threat. You need to realize that even though iPhone spying tech has become quite powerful lately, you’ve got no reason to admit defeat and lose hope for keeping your privacy intact. On the contrary, you need to strengthen your resolve and increase your efforts to go the extra mile to protect your communications and data from getting compromised. Once you make up your mind to beat the odds and start looking for ways to succeed in this endeavor, you’ll bump into plenty of reassuring options. You’ll discover that in order to mitigate the risk of spy apps breaching your iPhone privacy, you simply need to:

  • keep your device locked and secure by setting up a strong password;
  • avoid tinkering with the official firmware;
  • refrain from sharing your Apple ID and password with anyone no matter how close they are or how trustworthy they seem;
  • install the latest iOS updates without delay.

A sturdy defense certainly doesn’t get any easier than this. Therefore, instead of becoming paranoid and panicking upon learning about the existence of iPhone spying tech and its capabilities, you need to hold your nerve and calmly ask the questions that can familiarize you with the threat and help you get some kind of reassurance.

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