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How Much Broadband Speed Do I Need

When you are choosing an internet connection there are so many elements that you have to consider. But one of the most important aspects that determine the foundation on which you are going to search the plan is speed. Broadband speed is one of the most important factors we must see before we finalize our internet plan.

But if you are a beginner in the world of the internet then we are here to help you. This article contains all the information that you need to know about what is speed and how it is going to affect the user experience. We are also going to discuss that how much broadband speed you should need to fulfill your needs without any interruptions or lags.

Before we dig into the details, you must know that several internet service providers offer the finest internet services with a variety of speed ranges. For instance, you can try subscribing to RCN Internet and fulfill all your speed requirements without worrying about the budget. Because it not only offers you great options but also provides a market competitive price that you will be lucky to have.

What Is Broadband Speed?

The data that you receive in your device comes in the form of packets. These packets travel from one computer or device to another. The speed of this information flow is measured in Megabits per second—denoted as Mbps. A bit is the most basic unit of information in digital communication. A byte has eight bits. A typical Ethernet packet is 1.5 Kilobytes. So, you can imagine the large amount of information a typical residential internet connection can transfer in a second!

In this Broadband technology, you have two types of speed—a download speed that means you are getting information and data from the web to your device and another is upload speed that means you are sending the data onto the internet.

What Broadband Speed Do I Need?

Before you open your devices and search for that one perfect internet plan, you should know what speed you need. But the real question is that how are you going to know that? Well, the following are some factors that you should consider to find out how much speed so you need.

Count All the Devices in your House

When you are selecting an internet connection you cannot expect a low-speed connection to support all your devices. You have to select a speed range that can cover all the devices present in your home so that in case all of these are utilizing the bandwidth, none of you are facing slow connectivity issues.

Pro tip: You must know that the advertised speed is mentioned on average. Plus it also varies as per the area you live in. So when you are selecting a connection you should select a plan that is showing more speed than you need.

Carefully Check the Internet Metrics

There are so many technical things that you must check in a plan before you lock it. Download speed is one of the most important things that you should see. But you should also see the details for upload speed, this is because if you are looking for the fastest internet connection that is optimum for both download and upload activities then you need a symmetrical internet connection.

Most of the residential internet plans offer you asymmetrical connectivity where you get the download speed a bit higher than the upload speed. Plus you want your connection to have the least latency rate. So when you have an internet connection, you should perform a speed test to make sure you are getting sufficient speed.

Speed Requirements for Different Online Activities

Following are some speed estimations that you will need for different activities:

30 Mbps: Ideal for 1-2 devices, web surfing, moderate video watching, and emails.

50 Mbps: Ideal for 3-4 devices, HD and 4K streaming, and online gaming.

100 Mbps: Ideal for 6-7 devices, plus home automation devices, HD and 4K streaming, and simultaneous gaming.

200+ Mbps:  Ideal for 8-10 devices, plus home automation devices, HD and 4K streaming, simultaneous gaming, and heavy downloads.

Next Step!

Once you understand all the factors and know the speed that you need, it is time for you to search for an ISP that offers you options that meet your requirements.

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