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Informative facts about firefighters

Learn some informative facts about firefighters that can help you understand and appreciate the job of firefighters much better.

Firefighter Statistics
The number of firefighter volunteers is higher than actual career firefighters. People between the ages of 20 and 49 make up a third of the entire firefighting squad. However, 3.7 percent of firefighters are women.


Fire Department Calls
Not all calls to a fire station are fire-related. Interestingly, just about half of all the calls to fire stations are either medical-related or false alarms. Still, firefighters are obligated to respond to every call regardless of the nature of the calls they receive.

Fire Apparatus
Fire trucks include pumper trucks, tanker trucks, and ladder trucks. Apart from pike poles, fire trucks are the most common fire apparatus, but few people know their functions and the differences between them. Pumper trucks and tanker trucks do not share much similarity other than the fact that they are both 30 feet long. In addition, tanker trucks are self-sufficient in that they have their own water holding systems or tanks while pumper trucks rely on fire hydrants connected to other water sources. Finally, ladder trucks have the same functionality as pumper truck but they are over 40 feet long and spot a telescopic ladder.

Firefighting Gear
Firefighter Jacket and Trousers
The material used to make firefighter gear comes from aramind, a synthetic fiber known for its strength and heat resistance. Its strength protects firefighters from heat. Firefighters have to be observant and mindful of their safety every time to ensure that they do not put on clothes that might compromise their safety while in the line of duty.

Firefighter Helmet
Firefighter helmets are light but strong. Their strength can withstand hard impacts and keep the wearer safe thanks to an inbuilt shock-absorbing rubber lining cushion.

Firefighter Boots
Firefighter boots offer all-round feet protection. They are reinforced and manufactured from leather or rubber. The boots are treated with a chemical to enhance fire resistance. Added steel toes and strengthened soles help to protect the feet from heat and falling objects.

Firefighter Gloves
Unlike the other firefighting gear, each firefighter has two types of gloves: work gloves for use in low-temperature areas and structural firefighting gloves for actual firefighting situations. The latter has a spandex liner to enhance flexibility.

Overall, firefighter gear should be made from strong and heat-resistant materials. Firefighting gear is flexible and simple to allow easy movement and quick dressing and undressing respectively.

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