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The Best Long Distance Cycling Routes in Europe

One of the most popular long distance cycling routes in Europe is journey from London to Paris, an exciting challenge that is often undertaken on UK charity challenge fundraiser rides. The route travels through the tranquil countryside of southern England and the picturesque scenery of Northern France. Whether you race there in 24 hours or pedal your way at a quieter pace and admire the sights, it’s an unforgettable journey.

Cycling Routes

But what are some of the other long distance cycling routes that Europe has to offer?Once you have done the cycle London to Paris bike ride you might be eager to explore another long distance route for your next challenge. Europe is a fantastic continent for cycling and there are a lot of great routes woven all throughout the continent. Here are a few of the most amazing long distance cycling journeys that the European continent has to offer.

The Vennbahn

This is a short 125km route that travels along an old railway line through Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. It was along this route that coffee smugglers once roamed the border regions of Belgium and Germany after World War II. The scenery is picturesque and there are a lot of lovely small towns and villages to explore along the way.

The North Sea Cycle Route

This incredible 3,750-mile odyssey is an incredible journey circling through eight countries. It is the longest signposted cycling trail in the world. One of the most stunning parts of the 750-mile route down eastern Scotland. This massive journey would take a considerable amount of time and energy to tackle, but the views you would be rewarded with would be absolutely worth it.

Tour de Bourgogne

The Tour De Bourgogne is a route that meanders through 580 km of beautiful Burgundy, France. It is the ideal route for food and wine loving cyclists, as it passes through the foodie hotspot of Dijon and the famous wine regions of Macon. The route is pleasant to ride as you will not be sharing the road with motorised traffic for a large portion of the journey, you will be riding through railway lines, canals and voievertes.

Venice to Turin (Possible Future Route)

Tourism ministers in Italy were recently given the backing for a 422-mile cycle path that will link together Venice with Turin. The cycling route will be called the VenTo and will meander along the winding course of the beautiful Po River, passing through some of the lovely towns in the area such as Pavia, Valenza, Boretto, Cremona and Ferrara. If this cycling route is developed, it could be a beautiful way to explore the countryside of Italy.


This amazing 1,200 km bike route begins in Britain and takes cyclists all the way down the Western coast of France. It ends at the Spanish border, making it the longest waymarked cycling path in France. It also connects up neatly with the Eurovelo 4 and Eurovelo 6 routes. If you are looking for a cycling challenge that will be exhilarating, difficult and incredibly rewarding – you might want to consider taking on this huge route.

Fakenham to Harwich Cycle Route

This lovely 163-mile journey will take you through some of the most beautiful East Anglian scenery. You’ll be riding along through cathedrals, country estates and villages. It is one of the flattest long distance cycling routes in Britain, so it’s ideal for a first long distance cycling journey (even if you only do a small section of it).

Danube Cycle Path

The gorgeous Danube Cycle Path follows the Danube River through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and Romania. It is a stunning route that traverses through some gorgeous scenery and since most of the route is on flat and paved paths it is ideal for those who are new to cycling. Plus, there are a lot of lovely towns along the way where you can stop and soak up some of the local culture.

These are just a few of the most amazing long distance cycling routes that Europe has to offer. These journeys will offer stunning scenery, challenging stretches, plenty of interesting villages and towns to stop and explore and much more. Why not take on the challenge and go for a bike ride that you will never forget?

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