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A Complete Guide to Buying a Microwave

Modern heating ovens come in many different varieties. When it was first introduced, the standard microwave oven was quite expensive. It was one of the most innovative kitchen appliances to have been introduced in a long while. The microwave oven makes use of microwaves in order to heat up the food inside very rapidly. Fast-forward to the present, and the microwave oven has become a common feature in most kitchens. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, and you can choose from numerous different models.

Guide to Buying a Microwave

However, when it comes to buying a microwave oven, most people don’t really know which would be the best oven for their needs. They often end up buying micro ovens that come with features they don’t require, and overpay considerably for this. Here is a brief guide for people who want a micro oven that’s affordable, reliable and will last for many years to come.


The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the micro oven. As mentioned above, micro ovens come in many shapes. The 17 L oven size is perhaps the most popular, and is ideal for people who just want to heat up a few dishes and plates. You can easily place a full-sized round plate in the micro oven. Some people believe that buying a bigger oven is a better idea. That might not be such a wise move, especially if you don’t need the oven at all. For starters, bigger ovens consume more electricity.

Woman warms up food in the microwave

Micro ovens generally have a bad reputation when it comes to electricity consumption. Even though many companies have introduced energy efficient models, one of the first reasons that most people give for not buying micro ovens is that they consume lots of electricity. Rather than buying an oven that looks good, you should carefully read the specifications of the oven to decide whether it best suits your needs. Inspect the oven sizes closely and then make a decision. If you are living alone, you might not even need a medium sized oven. A simple, small sized oven might be just what you need.

Conventional or Convection

Conventional microwaves are perhaps the most common types of micro ovens available today. However, convection microwaves are slightly different. Heated air is sent into circulation within the micro oven in order to heat up the food. If you do a lot of grilling or roasting, convection micro ovens might be a wise idea.

Conventional or Convection


The next thing that you need to decide is the style of the micro oven. Do you want a countertop oven or an above-range oven? Above-range ovens can be installed directly above your cooking range, thus saving space. Many companies also sell micro oven drawers. The drawer will fit seamlessly into your counter cabinets. You can just pull it out, put food in it and press the right buttons to heat it up. It’s simple and highly effective.


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