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Lasting Memories : Why Acrylic Block Photo Displays Are the Future

If you’re looking for a fresh, clever way to display your favorite family photos at work or in your home office, acrylic blocks might be the way to go. This innovative method of displaying photos is gaining popularity, and may someday overtake traditional frames as the preferred method of showing off our favorite memories.

So what makes them cooler than picture frames?

1. They’re highly durable.

Picture frames are highly breakable, whether it’s the glass in front or the stand in the back. If a photo falls, you may end up cleaning up broken glass or wood, then having to shop for a new frame. Worse yet, it could damage the photo. Acrylic blocks are solid and durable, and the photos are printed as part of the block itself. There’s no risk of damaging either the photo or the method of display.

2. The photos last longer.

Photos fade over time in a picture frame, especially if they’re in a place where they are regularly in bright sunlight. But a well-made acrylic block photo is printed to be fade-resistant and will last for much longer than a photo under glass.

Family photography - acrylic blocks

3. The photos look more vibrant.

A photo displayed under high-quality acrylic can actually look brighter than a photo in a traditional frame. This is especially good when it comes to photos taken outdoors.

4. They fit with any décor.

Finding a frame that matches your existing décor can be difficult. Additionally, if you move your photos somewhere new or redo a room, your existing frames might clash. Photos in acrylic are at home in any room, whether the style is traditional or modern.

5. They’re customizable.

Many blocks have the option to add extra customization or decoration to the front. Find something that expresses you and your family’s personality, and make your photos uniquely yours in a whole new way.

6. They’re cost effective.

An acrylic block photo might cost a little more than a high-quality picture frame of the same size, but it will also last a lot longer. As mentioned before, it runs less risk of breaking or going out of style, so you’ll likely never have to replace it — meaning in a few years, it will have paid for itself.

Everyone wants a beautiful way to share their favorite memories with their family, friends and visitors. Acrylic block photos may well be the new way forward in displaying pictures. Their durability, vividness, and adaptability makes them a great choice for any household or office.

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