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Tips for Experiencing Life Like a Local when Visiting London

If you are moving to London for education or for an internship, it can be a bit of a culture shock living in the big smoke as well as being an amazing experience.  We’ve put together a guide as to how you can have an authentic time – and feel like a Londoner whilst you are there.

Try Homestay Accommodation

There are some host families in London that will offer accommodation to students, interns etc.  The beauty of this is that you are living in a real-life home of a family in Londonand will be part of that atmosphere. Homestay companies can place you in a family to suit your requirements and also work with lots of colleges, language schools etc to help you with that too.

Take the Tube

One of the best things about London is that although the capital city is so large, and there is so much to see – you can get to wherever you need to go by taking the tube. Even if the cars are incredibly busy – you don’t need to worry, another one will be there in a couple of minutes.  It’s the way that the majority of Londoners travel, as it’s actually much more hassle to drive into the city.  If you think you will be travelling and exploring a lot – you might want to get an Oyster Card.

Try the Local Restaurants

It’s likely you will probably heard of all the infamous places to eat there are in London, and be inclined to go there – but they are also usually the most expensive.  Before doing that, why not visit the likes of TripAdvisor and seek out the restaurants that have been rated by local visitors that have been to the eateries.  Sometimes the best gems when travelling are simply discovered.

Go to a Music Festival

London is renowned for their fantastic music festivals.  They have a festival designed to suit all kinds of music fans. If you are a fan of hip hop and pop – you might like the Lovebox Festival that is regularly hosted.  You can go for something like the Wireless Festival, if you like big name icons like Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.   There are also smaller festivals such as Field Day where you can check out some independent artists.

Head Outside the City

If you really want to experience London in an authentic way, then head out of the city every now and then.  There are some amazing towns outside London where you can see how people live out with the metropolitan area.  There is the likes of Brick Lane where you can check out some great art and fashion as well as some local food.

If you are heading to London for a student course, or an internship – make sure you experience everything about the city that you can.  It is truly a wonderful place.

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