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Hosting the Perfect Pamper Day

A great treat for your friends can be to host them a pamper day.  You can chit-chat, gossip and feel more relaxed in general.  If you are thinking about get-together options for you and your friends – this could be the perfect choice.  We have put together some ideas as to how to make this go off without a hitch.

Set the Atmosphere

When you are having a pamper day, one of the most important things to do is to set the atmosphere.  Put on some good chill out music.  You can get some great playlists already set up on Spotify.  It’s also a good idea to have some scented candles going on.  Some great scents can be lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood.

Start as you Mean to go on

When people arrive for their pamper day, keep the setting as peaceful as you can.  You may want to start off with a nice herbal tea, or if you are feeling adventurous – a glass of champagne.  It’s a great way to start the chit-chat off and get you all feeling calm and relaxed.

Set up Some Healthy Snacks

Some healthy snacks are great to have as a feature on your pamper day.  There are lots of things that you can go for including: mixed nuts, celery sticks with cream cheese, some Greek yogurt with fruit and granola, fruit selections, or some peppers filled with guacamole.  There are lots of great healthy options in-keeping with a healthy day.  Light snacks are always a good way to go.

Get Some Face Masks

Although it’s not quite as luxurious as a facial at a spa, a face mask will feel good – and is great for your skin.  You can get premade face masks that are fantastic, or alternatively you can create some homemade ones.  This can be a great activity if you have a few friends over – and you can have a cheeky gossip at the same time.

Perfect those Nails

We all love a nice manicure, and we are lucky enough these days to have lots of equipment where you can do this from home without having to go to a professional. CND Shellac by Jealous comes in all different colours, so you can have a big selection to go with whatever you all fancy. Of course, it lasts a long time too so is a great investment.

Once Everyone has Gone have a Bath

Although pamper days are meant to be relaxing – having people at your home can be a little tiring.  After they have all gone, it’s a good idea to have a nice chilled out bath – and maybe read a life-affirming book to finish off the day.  You can use some of the candles you used for your pamper day.

Now you should have all that you need to create a great pamper day for you and some friends.

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