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The best in Wi-fi routers

So, you are in the market for a new and  Improved wireless router. But, with so many on the market which one do you choose? This depends on what you need. How strong do you need it to be, how far does it need to reach and are sending or receiving? These are the things you have to look for when you are looking to purchase such a router. So, the first step is to dwell on these questions. Once you know what you believe you will use, look for just above that, to make sure your needs will be met. Now let’s examine each question and try to the perfect router.



What are you gonna throw at this thing? As many families these days, being connected to the internet, coupled with how almost everything these day has a wi-fi receiver, you probably have quite a few electronic devices that connect and use the internet in some capacity. The more devices that are connected and being used at the same time, can and will slow down your connection. So, if you like to stream videos and your son likes playing video games at the same time, you may run into issues. The way you check the strength is by looking for a download rate, specifically at Mbps (micro bits per second).


Strength has a lot to play when it comes to the range of the router. Because, the signal will have to bounce of walls and the further you are the weaker the router can be. But, if you get a router with multiple antennas, you can project singles in every direction. Will providing a strong connection throughout the area. If you don’t have to span a huge area you can even concentrate the signals into a smaller area. But at the end of the day, the closer you are the better the signal.

Main purpose

Now, most people usually only need a good download rate to use the internet comfortably. But, people do use the internet with work and may need to upload at a high rate as well. For instance, it is very popular to stream live videos of people playing games. And between all the uploading and downloading of information, you need to be able to move a lot of both ways. This isn’t the only use of this. If you run a web site, you with have to upload information to servers for users to access. So, do not neglect upload speed as well. Just like the download rate, just check the Mbps.


We talked about the three important features you have to look for, after knowing what you will need. How strong does it have to be to sustain my usage, how big is the area I’m trying to cover and can it exceed my download and upload needs? Utilizing these questions and answers, you will be able to find the perfect wireless router to fit your needs.

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