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Teens vs. Parental Controls: A Battle of Smartness on the Smartphone

To keep your kids from putting their safety and reputation at risk due to reckless use of internet and smartphones, you may have played it smart by holding weekly inspections of their mobile devices, or making them add you on their social networking accounts. However, you may be overlooking a very important fact – kids of today are smarter than you give them credit for. It doesn’t take them long to find their way around the aforementioned measures as they look to regain their digital freedom. This includes deleting their messages, hiding their pictures, and so much more. Fortunately, parental control apps are there to level the playing field, or rather give you a considerable edge over your youngsters, making it next to impossible for the latter to elude your watchful eye. As witty as they are, they find themselves powerless in front of digital supervision.

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They Can’t Run Away from Technology

Children can outsmart you because you cannot always be there keeping an eye on them. However, with parental control at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about such things anymore. These tools are capable of monitoring almost everything and providing you details of activities on popular social networking platform immediately. You can keep an eye on the pictures they share, friends they talk to, videos they see, pages they’ve liked, etc. Having access to this kind of information can give you a very good idea of what your kids are up to, how they’re interacting with others, and if they’re being responsible and mature. This is particularly useful if your teens aren’t comfortable with the idea of you being in their friend list on social networking sites, avoid discussing their problems with you, or have a history of behaving irresponsibly online.

Follow Them Without Following Them

Knowing where your teens are at all times is important nowadays because they can get involved with a group of bad friends and ruin their lives. This includes doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and even committing petty crimes. They usually lie when going to meet up with these so-called friends, but there’s no way for you know about it. Only way you can be certain about it is by following them, which just isn’t possible. Fortunately, you have parental control to help you here as well. It keeps an eye on your teens’ location at all times. You can know where they are and where they had been throughout the day. By staying aware of their whereabouts, you can have a pretty good idea of what they’re up to.

No More Sneaking into Inappropriate Territories

Teenagers are inclined to watch porn because let’s face it, porn is extremely enticing. However, they don’t realize that even occasional viewing of such content can eventually lead to porn addiction, which can do a whole lot of damage. Now it is your responsibility as parents to keep your children away from such perversions, and you can easily accomplish this task through parental control apps. They let you follow your teens’ digital footprints, allowing you to see exactly what websites they’ve been visiting, and visiting rather frequently. So if you see them visiting an adult site or sites related to some other inappropriate content, then you need to intervene and put an end to it right away. You can even filter the web in order to make it more child-friendly using parental control tools.

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