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Summer Holiday – How to get the best summer holiday phone cover for absent employees

As any business owner would know, staff holidays can cause more than just a ripple of disruption, with extended summer breaks, and Christmas leave, plugging the gaps can be a logistical nightmare. These are the times when the call answering service can come to the rescue.

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Essential cover

A telephone answering service will answer all your calls in a professional manner, with highly trained personnel, who are fully briefed on your company, products, and services. Your employees work hard, and they deserve that summer holiday, and when you use a professional answering service, you can relax, knowing that your business will not suffer from the absence of key personnel. Summer holiday phone cover is an annual requirement, and with the right partner, your staff holidays will not bring disruption to the smooth running of things.

One phone call

The marketing strategy of any business aims to drive consumers toward a sale. There are many ways to achieve this, and the final step is when the prospective customer finally calls your office. No one answers! You have lost a valuable client, and all because your trusted receptionist was at the dentist, leaving the phones unmanned.

Essential cover

Of course, one can never predict when the call will take place, and in the age of globalised e-commerce, this could be at any time of day or night. Temporary call answering is the ideal solution, as all enquiries will be answered in a professional manner, enhancing customer relations, and enabling consumers to find solutions.

You choose

A modern telephone answering service will offer the client a selection of message delivery systems, which would include,

  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Call patching

This means that management can keep their finger on the pulse, with instant updates from experienced operators. Clients that require immediate attention, such as in the service industry, expect quick action to be taken, especially in a critical situation, and with the right help, you can effectively handle anything. Smartphone technology allows a business manager the luxury of instant notification, and the ability to respond appropriately, at any given time.

Organise the leave

The ideal solution to staff vacations, a call and message service can simply be used during those periods when staff are away, ensuring that the front line of the business in manned by professional operators. Plan ahead with staff breaks, which gives you time to arrange for the call answering services to cover.

Summer Holiday

Unexpected leave

There are many reasons why a key employee might need to take time off. Sickness, problems at home, dental treatment, and so on. If your business is partnered with a call service company, all your requirements will be handled, even the short notice covers, ensuring that customer relations are unaffected by the employee absence. Here is some useful business information for those who like to keep abreast with current business affairs.

Call answering services have elevated the level of satisfaction a company provides its clients, and with no lost opportunities, your organisation will thrive.

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