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Overhead Delivery Conveyor, An Easy Way To Save Space And Man Power

The delivery conveyor is an easy way to move item from one working station to another, especially in the large facilities where they have several stations and different things to manufacture. Installing delivery conveyor at your facility will also help you in saving space and will also reduce the manpower required for moving good from place to another. These conveyor systems usually work on air pressures, vacuum, electricity, or gravitational force to deliver items.

These conveyor belts can be used to propel different things at different speeds, and the same conveyor can be used to gather items at one bay or can be sent off to different collection points. Usually big manufacturing facilities have several interconnected delivery conveyor belts which are programmed to deliver different items at designated collection bays like assembly lines, delivery points, paint section, packing section etc.


Moreover these delivery conveyors are easy to setup, no need for creating any extra space in the production facility. These conveyor belts consist of enclosed tracks which also restrict the items from falling down. These systems are common for moving items from one department to another or from receiving docks to a storage area. There are three different kinds of conveyor belts used in the production facilities: Dual Function Delivery Conveyor, 2 Belt conveyor and Overhead conveyor. All these delivery systems have their own unique function and uses.

  • Dual Function Delivery Conveyor: This conveyor system saves space and time by using on single conveyor to take trash away and delivery containers to the assembly line. They use one channel to perform both the tasks of carton delivery and trash removal. These take far less space than the traditional systems and very safe & reliable way of delivery containers across different sections. Moreover these can be designed to fit in any warehouse or distribution facility.
  • Two Belt Conveyor: This is a traditional delivery system used in manufacturing facilities. It uses two belts, one is to bring in the containers to the assembly line and another one is to take the trash away. This conveyor system are quiet old and consume lots of time too
  • Overhead Conveyor: these are commonly used conveyor systems. The main benefit of this system is it consumes less space and is located over-head so it can also be used as a mobile storage. Facilities are able to use all of their space to the fullest by having overhead conveyors, instead of systems that take up floor space.

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