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BNB Textiles: Bringing revolution in wardrobes

BNB International Textilesis an online e-commerce initiative that offers the widest range of superior quality wholesale fabrics at affordable rates. Here fashion oriented fabrics are available for the audiences like wholesalers,manufacturers, designers and creative individuals with great taste.

The fabrics available here are very much in demand by the makers of athletic wear, swim suits, sportswear and other dance and fancy dresses. BNB Textiles helps you out to select the material best suitable for you and your choice of garment. Since 1990, the fabric selling company and factory has been consistently strived to implement new technologies in order to come up with innovative fabric choicesin the catalog.

BNB International Textiles

The main goals that drive the BNB Textiles are the commitment towards100% customer satisfaction.  The team working here ensures that the most superior level of material and service is provided to the customers. BNB textiles have developed a huge variety so that it can satisfy each and every need of the customers. Finding out theright fabric suitable to your type of clothing is a challenging stuff in the process of creative design.

The team here remains vigilant and keeps in check with the latest andfashionable styles in various dress wears. The company strives to develop the fabrics that allow designers to bring their creative visions come true.

BNB Textiles helps you out in this critical process of material selection no matter who you are, a manufacturer or just a creative individual.The process for purchasing products is quite an enjoyable experience. It allows tracking the status of your order, and saves your profile information for easyin future purchases.

The material ranges available hereat BNB International Textiles includethe following:

  • foil/spandex blends
  • stretch sequins
  • mesh and lace,
  • nylon,
  • stretch velvet
  • hologram/glitter choices
  • poly spandex prints to name a few.

The categories available here include attractive fabrications, innovative manufacturing and design techniques. The fabrics will definitely exceed the highest standards of quality among the customersplus wile cater to the ever changing tastes and fashion trends happening in today’s fashion industry.

The company also offers on quarterly basis special colors, textures, and patterns to cater the sharp needs of the fashion and clothing industry.

For more information contact the personnel of BNB textiles today or call them at the number: 1-800-SPANDEX, or you can also visit the showroom in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

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