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Ideas for a Special Funeral

It’s increasingly popular to have unusual funeral ideas.  People often find that the personal touch makes for a much better send off.  It can be a great way to say goodbye and make someone feel special.  It could be that you are looking for ideas for your own funeral too.  We’ve put together some suggestions to help you on your way.

Be Colourful and Vibrant

Although it’s traditional to wear black at a funeral, it’s becoming much more common to wear bright and vibrant colours.  This is to symbolize that it’s a celebration of someone’s life.  You can also incorporate colour in ways other than just the dress code such as the hearse or casket.  Alternatively, you can also hand out flowers at the funerals that have bright colours at the start of the service.

 Have a Glass Keepsake

If you are looking for a cost-effective funeral, there are some good direct cremation quotes available.  If you are going for cremation, you may want to consider a glass keepsake.  This is a fairly recent trend where glass blowers can actually incorporate portions of the ashes into their glass creations.  You can get these in lots of colours and designs, and it is a beautiful tribute.

Personalise the Order of Service

There is usually an order of service at a funeral, and this is a good chance for you to personalise the funeral service.  Instead of having something that’s plain – you can add a collage of some of your favourite photographs, or even add captions.  This will give the people attending the funeral a keepsake to leave with and to remember the day.  The majority of funeral directors out there will be able to help you with this.

Introduce Some Fireworks

In-keeping with the celebration of life theme, lots of people are now beginning to introduce firework displays to funerals.  It can be a great tribute, and leave people thinking of something that’s bright and beautiful in relation to that person.  It’s also possible for you to have the creation ashes as part of the fireworks as a way of scattering the ashes.  It’s not something that everyone would choose, but it’s definitely unforgettable.

Personalise the Coffin

Funeral directors are beginning to have much more choices when it comes to coffins and caskets.  It means that you can create a unique resting place for a loved one or yourself and celebrate the life in style.  You can get coffins in all kinds of materials, and you can also have all kinds of patterns and colourful.  You could also have a coffin that’s plain – but get it personalised with drawings, stickers, or other things.

If you are struggling for ideas to make a funeral that is more special than the average one, now hopefully you have a starting point.  These days, it’s important to make the day a celebration of life.

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