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Choosing the right clothing label and ensuring high print quality for product’s life

Clothing Brand identification labels are considered as a means of brand consistency.  A good label ensures a high marketing and brand value for your clothing product improving efficiency and growth. Thousands of types of thermal labels are available in the market and different materials are used to give the attributes to enable it to be used as per the client requirements.

There are so many keys to be considered while deciding upon the labels for your garment products. One must ensure that your manufacturer is using an optimal print technology and material so that the label is clear and legible. The shape of the label must be such that it remains on the cloth for till the life of the garment lasts. Some clothes are more sensitive to extreme temperatures therefore the material of the label must be chosen accordingly to bear the temperatures when trying to iron them on the cloth.

right clothing label

Another important factor to be considered while deciding upon the label and its material is how the Label and cloth would react to the chemical exposures. The chemicals used for printing the labels must be able to resist the outdoor elements like sun and rain etc.  Sometimes there may be requirement of a lesser durable label. In such cases it is not important for the label to be very resistant against, moisture, and abrasion etc. Moderate chemicals can work well and stand by the budgets of the clients in these cases. Know that the synthetic labels cannot generally create quality texts and barcodes of high quality.

Make sure that your supplier is well versed with the latest technologies and can help you provide the most cost-effective and quality solution. A supplier who utilizes automated color mixing systems may can easily match the requested colors keeping them consistent. Also a supplier who uses an automated vision inspection can properly place and fix the labels.

Being an important link in the branding system of every company, a high quality label makes branding more persuasive. Its mine Clothing Labels , a label manufacturer since 1997 located in Connecticut has been into the business of creating impressive labels that are noticed and stand out. The world has progressed to be more particular than general. Their labels are attractive, easy to remember and advertise persuasively. So choose the best labels to promote your brand. Creating labels is thus a much more competitive field requiring more creativity and skillfulness.

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