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Axe Throwing Leagues Host Amazing Bachelorette Parties

If you feel like everyone you know is getting married all at once, don’t be surprised. Age cohorts go through many of life’s rituals at the same time, and once people have settled into their careers and formed committed relationships, marriage is inevitable. It can mean a few busy summers of taking time off for weddings, but it can also turn bachelorette parties into a bit of a competition. A summer or two full of weddings can put a lot of pressure on any maid of honour tasked with planning a big night.

There are plenty of great ideas out there for planning bachelorette parties, especially if you live in a dynamic city like Toronto. There are always new cocktail bars and exciting new things to try out. Starting the night off with a few hours of axe throwing in Toronto is sure to be an idea that’s totally unique. Axe throwing leagues have been popping up all across Ontario as people discover the sport. It can be a laid-back, zero-pressure get-together or it can be a blood pumping, thrilling competition. It all depends on the mood you want to bring, and it’s bound to get any hen night rolling.

Host Amazing Bachelorette Parties

Typically, a private group event starts with lessons on how to throw an axe. You don’t have to worry about varying skill levels or who’s sporty and who’s not. It’s a game based around technique more than strength, meaning most of your guests will be starting off on a level playing field. Unless the bride has a real competitive spirit, the winner isn’t nearly as important as having a blast on a rare night with close friends all together. If she is, maybe it’s best to let her get ahead. The points are simple in this game: on a bullseye, the outer ring is worth one point, the red ring is worth three, and a bullseye is worth five. On the last throw in a face-to-face match, participants can aim for the clutch, a 7-point circle off to the corner of the target.

For a more relaxed dinner, one Toronto league, BATL (the Backyard Axe Throwing League), also provides plenty of time to set up before an event and ample space for food. Whether it’s pizza, cake, or catering, you can skip wrangling a table for twelve at the most popular restaurants in town.

After everything wraps up, swap your sneakers for heels and take an Uber to the nearest nightclub. Luckily, BATL has locations across Toronto, including their flagship near Cherry Street, a quick ride away from the King Street nightlife. If the bride prefers her nights out on the more original side, their west end location is right between the Junction and Dundas West. Take your pick of music venues, arcade bars, and tequilerias after acing your axe throwing skills. Make your party one to remember and discover awesome bachelorette ideas around Toronto. An axe throwing party will have the bride laughing all the way to the altar.

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