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Air Conditioning Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

When summer sets in, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken central air conditioning system. Air conditioning is anexpensive endeavor especially when a professional is involved. Sometimes, when the A/C won’t work, you may be forced to wait for days for a professional technician to show up, and the worst is, it will cost a several hundred dollars to get the repair done.

There are times when an expensive repair is unavoidable, but you can always troubleshoot you’re A/C system before it gets to a point of needing expensive repair. Sometimes, you may find that it is a minor problem which you can fix easily. This can be annoying especially when you have to pay a technician a huge amount just to come and flip the breaker on.

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Before deciding to summon a technician, there are some quick checks you can do yourself to perform a quick air conditioning repairand save hundreds of dollars.

Check the breaker

Sometimes when you switch on your A/C and it doesn’t work, check the breaker it might have tripped. This may occur if you are operating other electronic appliances that require power. A quick check at the breaker could save you the hassle of having to invite a technician over which saves you money and future frustrations.

Check your thermostat

The thermostat is another device that could have failed due to difference in temperature. Check the thermostat setting and ensure that it is set at point below the room temperature. You might realize later that the setting was the problem.

Air conditioning

Perform regular cleaning

A failed A/C may just mean that the system is dirty. Instead of replacing the entire A/C system, you can do a regular clean-up of the entire system starting with the debris inside, the fins and the fan blades too. This should be done carefully to ensure you don’t break the blades and fins.

Replace the filter

Changing the filter might save you unnecessary A/C repair. In most cases, we let the A/C stay for a long before replacing them. Chances are the system will become dirty and clogged and it may damage the A/C system. Also, lack of enough air flow can lead to lack of enough cooling effect which can reduce its life span. Clogged filters can ice up your system therefore, check your filters regularly to avoid such problems.

Replace the filter

Check the ducts

Perform a regular check on the A/C ducts to ensure that the air is flowing in and out properly. If they are not checked, they may become dirty which may block the air flow. A quick check at the duct will save you a lot and determine whether the air is flowing through the ducts.

The above simple steps are just a few of the many steps that can be done if you’re A/C unit fails. They will not only save time but also they will save hundreds of dollars that could have been used to pay for a professional technician to repair the unit. Do not fall victim, take the first step.


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