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Will Engine Failure Be Covered by Your Car Insurance?

Driving your car to a destination and the engine goes bust can be a terrifying experience. Because, without the engine, your car will cease to move. While you can get some help to fix your car, it may cost a fortune. And Do you have to pay for the repair out of your pocket, or your car insurance policy will cover it?

This is the most common question that comes to most people’s minds when they go for car insurance renewal or purchase. The answer can be yes or no, depending on the causes of your engine failure.

In this blog, we will cover the scenarios in which engine failure gets covered by your car insurance price. We will also discuss the ways in which you can ensure extra protection for your car engine.

 Is Car Engine Covered Under Insurance?

There can be two scenarios that can result in car engine failure. If your car engine gets damaged in an accident, fire or theft, it can be covered under your car insurance. All you need to do is, raise a claim and get reimbursed.

However, if your engine gets damaged due to other underlying causes and poor maintenance, then it will not be covered under any car insurance policy. All in all, engine failure will be covered by your car policy only under the following conditions:

  • Engine damaged in a car accident.
  • Engine damaged in a fire.
  • Someone deliberately damaged your engine while attempting to car theft.

 What is Engine Cover in Car Insurance?

To provide an additional layer of protection to the policyholders, many insurance providers offer various add-ons and riders. One such car insurance add-on is an engine cover or engine protection cover.

It offers coverage for engine failure even if it does not arise from an unforeseen accident. You can purchase this add-on with your comprehensive car insurance scheme by paying an extra amount. For instance, engine failure due to underlying issues like oil leakage, water ingression, etc., can also be covered with car engine insurance.

 Inclusions and Exclusions of Engine Protect in Car Insurance

An engine protection cover comes with a range of inclusions and exclusions. It is important to consider them at the time of buying the add-on.

Inclusions of Engine Protection Cover Exclusions of Engine Protection Cover
Engine Parts: An engine cover allows you to get reimbursed for the repair and replacement cost of your engine parts, such as crankshaft, gearbox, connecting rods, pistons, etc. An engine protection cover offers no financial support if your car engine is damaged due to negligence and lack of maintenance.
Oil Leakage: Oil leakage is one of the most common causes of engine failure. Not just that, it can impact the overall performance of an engine. Thankfully, you can be reimbursed for the repair cost of the same issue. It doesn’t compensate for the expenses that come under your manufacturer’s warranty.
Water Ingression: An engine protection add-on also covers a situation where your engine gets damaged due to the flooding of outside water into your car engine.

Apart from these, the car engine insurance cover can also offer reimbursement for the cost of fluids and other auto parts, such as coolants, lubricants, nuts and bolts etc., that are required during the repairs.

[Note: Inclusions and exclusions can vary from one insurance provider to another. So, you must discuss them carefully with your insurer buying the add-on.]

 Is Engine Protection Cover Worth Buying?

The engine is like the heart of any vehicle. You can only drive your car if its engine is working properly. Moreover, repairing it can be an expensive affair. Thus, investing in car engine insurance cover is a good idea. It allows you to file a claim and get reimbursed for the repair cost of your engine, even if it is not damaged during an accident.

Simply put, an engine cover makes sure your car engine is protected under all circumstances. While it comes at a higher cost, this add-on is worth considering its benefits.


Your car insurance can only cover any damage to a car engine if it results from an unprecedented accident, theft, or fire. Your insurance company will not offer financial assistance if your engine is damaged due to negligence or other mechanical failures.

However, you can buy an engine protection cover with your car policy to get compensation for repairing your engine even when it is not damaged due to an accident.

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