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What About Donor Bricks?

One of the greatest things that move us is recognition. If you get recognition for your work, you are ready to climb even a mountain. If you are paying for something good, you would like recognition for it. And there’s nothing wrong in it. It helps bring in transparency and lets the people know who supported the good cause. This concept has crept into branding as well. Many corporates donate huge sums for charity and what they want in exchange is their logo or brand on the wall of the building or the entranceway. Since ages, fund raisers have been gifting one or the other kind of token to the donor. And you must have noticed the new and modern way of doing it is the donor bricks.

Donor Bricks

What are donor bricks?

These are generally blocks or other shapes of ceramic, clay, or stone, which have the name of the donor engraved on them. These can be placed on a wall, entranceway, or the recognition wall at a hospital, library, school, church or any other place.

Donor Bricks


Whether you want to build a memorial stadium or want to name all the participants of an event, donor bricks will do the work. You can use this versatile fundraising token to show your respect toward the donor in schools, churches, sporting events, public parks, etc. There are broadly two types of engraved things, first is the brick and the other is the ceramic tile. The tile is generally bigger in size and used for bigger occasions. However, there is no rule governing the use of tile or the brick. Depending on the occasion and place and the space available, you can go with any of them.

Donor Brick

How does it work?

You just have to choose donor bricks from the various options available with the manufacturer and tell them the content you want to display on the brick. The manufacturer will give you a turn-around-time. Have them shipped to your place and install or fit them as needed. However, before you make the order, you should have a clear idea of how and where you are going to use them. Another thing you will have to take care of is coordination with your donors. You will have to keep them informed about the progress and give them a clear idea of how their name and brand show on the finished product.

Donor Bricks

How to find engraving service?

You can easily find the brick engravers online or around you. Make sure they have the technical expertise and dedicated team to make your project work. Also, try to get a list of clients from them whom they have served. You can get in touch with these clients to know about the services of the engraver. Once you are satisfied, fix a deadline, discuss shipping and payment options and seal the deal. You just need to provide the content like logo, text or design. You can even choose different sizes of donor bricks or tiles depending upon the contribution of the donor.

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