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The Vanity: Centrepiece of the Bath

Ah, the vanity, one of three basic but essential fixtures in a full bath. While this item may be a practical, essential element of this room, the vanity has another feature that goes a long way toward making sure the bathroom looks good and is comfortable for all who use it. This item—which is as much furniture as it is fixture—can be found in dozens of different styles, and can be made of various materials. The key is to get something practical with exactly the right appearance. VFMLID=58163132 In fact, most homeowners and interior design professionals insist that this item is, and should be, the centre of attention in the bathroom, at least in terms of the look and feel of the room. The vanity gets its name from the idea of looking in a mirror, which is usually above the basin. That is the most popular answer as to why the name is used.

A Combination of Features and Uses

When it is time to select a new vanity for your home, consider that this is two choices in one—a basin or bathroom sink, set comfortably into the cabinet, that also provides storage and hides the plumbing from regular view. The top may be ceramic, marble, or some other material. In recent years, many bathroom upgrades have specified marble top vanity units, to the exclusion of all other options.


One key element of the marble top is the ability to resist moisture and wear over a long period of time. Craftsmen are capable of producing a vanity with gentle curves in the wood and in the marble itself. Open shelving is an option, as is the choice of having the double vanity look and efficiency. These choices must also work within the confines of the room, and with the other fixtures.


Those with long experience in this industry will also advise the homeowner to be conscious of proportion when selecting a vanity for the bathroom. It is possible to get more-than-adequate storage without installing a massive piece of furniture that just does not work in the space. Select a model that allows for putting your hair products, cosmetics, medications, etc. out of the way, without dominating the look or feel of the bathroom.

What Look Do You Choose?

Some property owners choose a combination of drawers and shelves when they select a vanity for the bath upgrade. Two identical basins could be the best choice you make, especially if there are numerous family members trying to get their time in the bathroom on a hectic morning. The idea of style in the bath space has been mentioned, with the vanity taking centre stage. But it is also important to coordinate the choice with the rest of the bathroom style.


Consider wall colours, floor style and design, and tub/shower details when making the selection. A bit of time spent in the planning stage can make all the difference in getting a marble-top vanity that simply works in the room.

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