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The Soma Bariatrics Weight Loss Procedures

Weight loss is a constant struggle for many overweight and obese individuals and it can cause self-esteem issues. It can be a huge hindrance towards performing and enjoying physical activities such as sports and games. It also poses a great health risk to the individual as it attracts diseases that could be fatal such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease. Soma bariatrics gives cosmetic solutions to this problem through the following weight loss procedures.

Weight Loss

Gastric bypass surgery

This surgery involves two steps; the first is making your stomach smaller by dividing it into two, the upper and lower pouch. The upper pouch is redesigned to hold a specific amount of food, thus limiting your food intake to approximately one ounce. The second step involves attaching the jejunum part of your small intestine to the upper part of your stomach. The effect of this is that there is a quick movement of food to your small intestine and lessening absorption of calories in order to help you lose weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery

The procedure performed at Soma bariatrics takes 90 minutes or less time. Larascopes are used to remove approximately 80 percent of your stomach and the rest of the tissues are stapled to achieve a sleeve-like shape. The sleeve-like appearance holds about 100-150 ml. Satiety is achieved quickly thus having less food intake which in turn contributes to weight loss.

Lip band surgery

This is a minimally invasive procedure. By using larascopes, a hollow tube is placed around the upper part of your stomach allowing food to pass gradually. The stomach is made smaller without the use of staples or removal. The band is filled with a saline solution once a patient is healed. The process is reversible and future readjustments can be made.


This is commonly known as tummy tuck surgery. A sagging tummy is a common struggle amongst people who have lost weight caused by the weakening, stretching and separation of tissues in the previous overweight state. In this procedure, an incision between your hip bones is made in order to reattach separated muscles and remove excess fat, tissue and skin. The navel is also readjusted to fit the skin shift. This can take up to 3 hours.

Orberaintragastric balloon

This is a nonsurgical procedure. While the patient is sedated, a soft silicone balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth. It is then filled with a saline solution of between 400cc to 700cc depending on the patient’s body structure. The balloon swells into a spherical shape. It is removed after six months and by then, weight loss is achieved.

The procedures are safe and patients should meet the requirements such as a high body mass index of about 40 and above, and sometimes with a life threatening disease such as diabetes. Also, patients need to be aged 18 and above, having previously made other numerous attempts to lose weight, which failed and finally they should commit to the required lifestyle after the surgery. Consultations can be made with Soma bariatrics to know the best solution for an individual.

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