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The Importance of Quality Made Emergency Handbrake Cables

Perhaps the most important part of a vehicle is its emergency handbrake. This vital tool is designed to slow down and stop out-of-control vehicles, and could mean the difference between an accident being fatal or not. The cables that control the handbrake must be the best quality in order for it to work to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, there have been some instances of the cables controlling the handbrake failing or simply not working as they should. Here are some of the reasons that these cables should be purchased from a quality company.

Quality Made Emergency Handbrake Cables

Proper Accessories

A common issue with many emergency brake replacement cables is that when they are purchased from the company, they do not include the necessary nuts, clips, brackets, and bumpers that are required to complete the replacement properly. This is unacceptable, and even though replacing emergency brake cables can be done using the nuts, clips, brackets, and bumpers from the old cable system, these tend to not work properly with the new one. This is certainly something that you will want to avoid having to do because of the obvious safety concerns.

When purchasing replacement handbrake cables in Melbourne, or anywhere else in the world, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the cables come with all the necessary accessories to avoid having to use the materials from the old ones. Most quality companies will provide these accessories, but there certainly have been cases where they did not.

Proper Accessories


The term ‘comeback’ is used when describing the stretching of emergency brake cables. You certainly don’t want these important safety cables to stretch or slip even a little bit. Again, just a little stretching or slipping could turn a normally avoidable accident into something much more severe. This is yet another reason to ensure that the cables you purchase for your vehicle’s emergency handbrake system are of the highest quality.

Comebacks can also result in the handbrake cables completely breaking or slipping off when they are needed most. Considering that the emergency handbrake is pretty much the only part of a modern vehicle that isn’t controlled by the electronic computer chips, the cables become that much more important. If the cables are not manufactured by and purchased from a trustworthy and proven company, then you are running the risk of them not working when it matters most.

emergency brake cables

When Should I Replace My Cables?

Most experts agree that the cables in a car’s emergency handbrake system should be checked and possibly replaced when the car reaches 50,000 miles. Not only will this maintenance ensure that your emergency brakes will work when sliding or slipping, but will also ensure that your vehicle is kept in place and has good traction in even the most severe weather conditions.

Quality cables are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of the people driving and riding in your car. Thankfully, there are many great manufacturers and sellers of quality made cables, and finding them is fairly easily. Be sure to research whom you are buying these cables from to make sure they have a positive track record with their customers.

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