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Most Popular Online Communities for Healthcare Training in UK

Within the United Kingdom, forums for healthcare training are growing year on year, which is good news for those looking to receive knowledge on how to become a healthcare professional, as well as companies and organizations that want a platform to use to share sound advice and offer support. As with many frameworks of this kind in other industries, forums are open to the public and members, specifically in this case, people who work in the medical community. Those who utilise these forums may be looking for ways to increase their presence in the medical community, or they may simply be looking for new methods to complete their job better for the patients benefit. In either case, these online forums can be a great tool as they can usually be utilised on your own time.

The UK Terminology Centre

This centre is open to medical forums and even offers online training courses in several different areas. It is one of the premier online forums for medical professionals to consider when they are looking to connect with others or simply increase their own understanding of concepts.



This forum is for those who are medical secretaries and administrators in the healthcare field. The British Society of Medical Secretaries and Administrators provides forums that everyone can connect in, as well as training information about the job that you are performing.  This forum is often used as a way to stay up to date on the latest techniques that are being used, as well as the technical systems being used throughout the UK.

NHS Networks

This network is meant to help those who in the healthcare field who want to ensure that they are using the latest techniques that can be found. This network provides the latest medical findings on various different areas in the medical community.


The Student Room

Though this is geared at medical students, those who are already in the healthcare field and are acquiring more health training will still find this helpful. This forum is aimed at allowing students to discuss illnesses, course of action and other health related care that they may be studying. This is also a great way to make connections with others who are in similar fields of healthcare.


This is an annual forum that is designed for doctors who are in training. It allows questions to be asked, and answers from other doctors in similar situations to respond. This forum has been fairly positive when reviewed by those who have participated in this forum.


For those who are located in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, there are numerous forums dedicated to all aspects of healthcare training, covering important issues such as mental health and dementia to studying for exams for high profile leadership positions. Whether you are a new healthcare professional or simply wanting to continue your education, these forums can be great for new tactics and advice.

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