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Latin Women – Dealing with Life’s Hardships

Females have achieved a lot in every sphere of life. They take care of their families, children and even their professional life with equally zeal. However, some parts of the globe still have suffering females such as Latin America. These females have to deal with the hardships on a daily basis and earn their living by struggling a lot. We cannot imagine what they undergo at work and in the public places as well. The government has mended their laws and policies to bring some relief in their lives. However, they don’t seem to avoid the harassment occurring at different places.

Harassment in reproductive rights

Most parts of South America are influenced by Catholic Church and consider abortion as a crime. As the time has advanced, these females have started to fight to make it legal in Latin America. The movement has been trying to win the rights for getting a child aborted in every case. The major reason why there is disunity in women’s movement in Latin America is because they come from different social classes with different needs and goals in their lives. It is not possible for all of them to participate in the agitation. In Southern American countries, highest rate of pregnancy has been reported. The major reasons are lack of education and sexual abuse by the relatives and employers. As per the sites like latinwomen.org, a lot of unsafe abortions are happening in Latin America because no legal support has been offered to such females. In countries like Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, the abortion is completely banned regardless of the health of a female.

child aborted rights

Domestic Violence

For these females, the violence occurs even at home and they are the most unsafe females in South America. Partners, husbands and even the former partners cause injury, homicide, sexual abuse and violence to these females. Along with the females, their children also suffer if there is domestic violence. Such kids become rebel and show aggression when they become adults. They also do not respect the females which create more problems in the society. Moreover, the females do not get medical help if they become the victim of domestic violence. They soon become prone to depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. In many countries, the rape in marriage and domestic violence are still not considered as a crime.

Domestic Violence


Latin America is one of the most dangerous places for women to live in because they are killed because they are women. The killings have increased more than ever before. Such cases are never reported or investigated and the murderers do not get penalized for their acts. The females are afraid of the violence and hardly contribute to the economy of Latin America which is affecting it socially and economically.

Femicide Violence

Here, we cannot ignore the verbal harassment of the females when they are walking down the streets. It has become difficult for them to ignore this type of harassment. They hardly travel alone because of the safety issues. It may take time for these females to get some relief for their lives.

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