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How Casinos Celebrate April Fools’ Day

The origin of April Fool’s Day is not really clear. However, the first recorded association between April 1 and foolishness was found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The 1392 Canterbury Tales. Just like the day of pranks and hoaxes, gambling has been present hundreds of years ago.

All Fools’ Day is now widely observed in different countries and has become so commercialized that even the gambling industry has to join the bandwagon. It is not known when did casinos start to celebrate April Fools’ but the modern land based casinos as well as online casinos use this day to promote their business.

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Whilst April 1 is famous for being a day of playing practical jokes to people, casinos special promotional offers on this day is certainly not a prank. Most casinos join the world in celebrating April Fools’ by treating their patrons to high stake prizes, bonuses and exciting perks and privileges. For instance, Gclub online casino welcomes its first time players with a no deposit bonus while the regular gamblers are rewarded with bonus codes they can use to play any Gclub casino games. The offers though arevalid only for the certain day.

The lucrative brick-and-mortar casinos on the other hand, utilized the popularity of All Fools’ Day to turn the gambling floor into a party place for gamblers. On this day, concerts and other special performances are an added attraction to the casino along with gifts, casino tokens, raffles, extra game bonus features and huge jackpots. Food and free flowing drinks are also being served.

Casinos intend to giveaway tons of major and minor prizes to lure as many people as they can to come and enjoy the celebration without getting fooled as all offers are authentic and casinos are pretty serious in bringing a fun filled, enthrallingand auspicious April Fools’ Day to their valued guests.

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Though a lot of people find the concept of April Fools’ hilarious and amusing, some are getting annoyed at the hoaxes and being played fool. Instead of creating laughter, the supposed to be harmless jokes become offensive and embarrassing. Just imagine if casinos fool you to believe you have won a million dollar jackpot! You might have collapsed due to over excitement but then when your heart beat is back to normal, the casino manager will shout “Happy AprilFools’”! I can tell the next scenario won’t be pretty.

For those who want to avoid their family, friends or neighbors for fear of being subjected to a prank, you can hide away and have a great time instead at the casinos.

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