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FPA Med– Experts in Forensic Psychiatry

Without the expertise of forensic psychiatrists, it would be difficult for a judge or a jury to determine the culpability or innocence of a person accused of murder or some other serious misdemeanor. That is why the expert services of FPA Med are very important for the proper dispensation of the requirements of the law.

What is Forensic Psychiatry?

There are many definitions of forensic psychiatry but this one nails the subject in the head: It is the medical discipline related to matters of criminal intent and the ability to form it.

Forensic Psychiatry

This discipline tries to determine the criminal evidence and the vulnerability of suspects. It also relates to the investigation of possible wrongful convictions, or confessions and how they are acquired. Forensic psychiatry is also effective in the psychopathology of sexual offenders as well as the risks of schizophrenics to the public at large.

What Does A Forensic Psychiatrist Do?

The basic duty of a forensic psychiatrist at FPA Med is to use his or her knowledge and expertise in mental health and act as an expert witness that can help lawyers, juries, and judges arrive at the right conclusion and judgment especially during court trials where a person is accused of a certain misdeed.

FPA Med’s Areas of Expertise

The forensic psychiatrists connected with this service provider are not only good at being expert witnesses but they can also be retained as consultants when legal matters intersect with mental health.

These forensic psychiatrists can provide expert help in the determination of criminal insanity and criminal responsibility. They can also assess a criminal’s capacity to testify, or his capacity to help the defense.

These mental health professionals can also assess if a person is competent in testifying in civil and criminal matters. They can also evaluate matters regarding psychiatric inpatient care, procedures and policies.

FPA Med psychiatrists are also experts in matters relating to child custody, risk evaluations relating to personal injury and dangerous situation including the assessment of emotional trauma.

These mental health professionals are also experts in legal disputes that concern children. Assessments of child trauma as well as the evaluations of child traumatic injury are some of the fields of expertise of mental health professionals at FPA Med.

They can also determine the presence of child sexual abuse and assess and help in disputes relating to child custody. These psychiatrists can also perform pediatric neuropsychological testing.

In matters of employment disputes, these psychiatrists can also help in the evaluation of questionable employment retaliation or termination as well as the emotional distress resulting from these problems.

Strict Adherence to Ethical Code

The forensic psychiatrists of FPA Med do not only guarantee expert service to their clients but also strict adherence to the ethical code of the industry. They are governed by the strict code of ethics taken from the Principles of Medical Ethics as codified by the American Medical Association with further modification by the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

AAPL is the highest professional organization regulating Forensic Psychiatry.

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