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Easy to use Pyrography Equipment

Pyrography is decorating wood or other suitable materials with burn marks using a heated poker or pen. This is an intriguing hobby which is also known as wood burning or pokerwork. A pyrography pen which looks very much like a soldering iron has a solid brass tip, heated by electricity  and operating at a fixed temperature. Buying pyrography equipment from online retailers gives you the opportunity to use versatile machines in:-

Pyrography Equipment2

  • Arts and crafts in schools
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • The souvenir industry
  • Furniture industries
  • Hospitals

There are dual application pokerwork units to buy along with dual handle pokerwork units. These pyrography tools use wire-nib burners which make precise wood burning detail as well as having variable heat control.

How to use a pyrography pen

It’s so easy to use a pyrography pen. Just press it against a wood canvas for instance, holding and lifting it at different intervals. If you keep the pen on the wood for long periods, it makes a darker and more expansive mark. The shading creates both texture and depth in the work.

Once you get the hang of it you can make beautiful works of art which at one time used to be known as “Fire Needle Embroidery”. Do your own thing when using a pyrography pen to make a statement and enjoy this ever-changing art form. Why not incorporate some of the following into your work:-

  1. Wood oils
  2. Stains
  3. Paints

Suppliers who advertise many products via the internet offer handheld cutters, table units, bench top units as well as pyrography and heat cutting equipment.

Pyrography Equipment

Specialist manufacturers and designers

As pyrography is a specialist subject, manufacturers and designers are always coming up with new ideas. Whichever material you’re working with, whether it’s wood or leather, there’s a piece of pyrography equipment for the job. Other products that have been developed include:-

  • Transformer rectifiers
  • Chokes
  • Heat cutting machines
  • Remote control auditorium lighting control units for consoles
  • Emergency lighting and equipment
  • Wave inverters

To find out more or how to place an order, get in touch with retailers by email, fax or phone.

Try pyrography as a hobby

If you haven’t tried pyrography, now’s the time. It’s been said this art form goes back to cavemen who etched the walls of caves with sticks of fire. Today wood is usually used but many people have tried burning patterns onto leather, gourds and clay. Pyrography is available to decorate or brand tools and musical instruments. Guitars are often marked with a pyrography tool or etching your initials onto some of your kitchenware.

Pyrography Equipment1

Cheap to buy, pyrography equipment can be used by everyone, even children (under supervision). It’s easy to learn and fun especially when you wood burn a do-it-yourself gift for someone special. You’ll need other items too like:-

  1. Tape
  2. Carbon paper
  3. Sandpaper
  4. A wet paper towel

Make your own designs and you’re sure to impress.

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