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Drive to One of the UK’s Best Beaches for a Magical Weekend

The UK is packed with amazing beaches that offer you the chance of enjoying a magical weekend in a lovely setting.

This means that one of the best things you can do at the weekend is to hop in your car and drive off to one of the following places.

Bournemouth for a Long Stretch of Sand

The seven miles worth of beaches along the waterfront here makes it an easy place to get down on the sand. The weather here is also often a lot better than in many other parts of the country too.

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The town of Bournemouth is a pretty place for walking around. The number of foreign students who come here to learn English makes it a more cosmopolitan spot than you might think.

The road access to Bournemouth is excellent and you can get here from as far as away as London or Birmingham in 2 to 3 hours normally.

Margate for a Historic Trip

Margate in Kent is one of the original seaside resorts, with the Winter Gardens and Theatre Royale among the attractions to have thrilled visitors during centuries. There are also more modern attractions here – such as the Turner Contemporary – but this destination is pretty much all about the old time charm of heading to the great British seaside.

The annual jazz festival and the range of art on display here are fantastic features but the sheer pleasure of heading down to the beach is still the main reason for visiting Margate. Perhaps the best thing you can do it to put down a Hatchbag boot mat in the car and then let the family pile in for a brilliant trip.

There remains a very special feel to Margate, as its long and illustrious history as a holiday destination lingers on. This is the kind of place where you can soak up the authentic atmosphere of the British coast and try to imagine how much fun the Victorians had when they came here on holiday.

Portobello for Tranquillity

Located just outside of Edinburgh, Portobello Beach is a great place for just enjoying the simple pleasures of walking along the sand. There are no big amusement parks or rows of touristy shops here to take the attention away from the sea and sand.

If you live in Edinburgh then this is an incredibly easy drive. From other parts of the UK it is well worth the effort of driving here to experience the tranquillity of a great beach holiday.

It is common to see people walking their dogs here, so if you use a Land Rover boot liner to keep it clean inside you can certainly take your dog here for some fun. The closeness to Edinburgh means this is an ideal beach if you are visiting the Scottish capital and want a quick, easy trip to the beach.

Barmouth for Fun

Wales is a country that is filled with some incredible beaches along its coastline. One of the best ones to keep in mind is the gorgeous Barmouth beach in Snowdonia.

This is a popular spot that has been attracting tourists for centuries and shows no sign of losing any of its appeal. It is a beach that offers classic British seaside fun, from donkey rides to ice cream and from an antique railway to arcade games.

This is a tremendous spot for having some fun while you are experiencing the amazing scenery in Snowdonia. Expect a family feel and lots to do and see when you are here. It is about 3 hours driving time from Cardiff and only a couple of hours from Liverpool.

Portrush for Thrilling Scenery

Northern Ireland’s long and interesting coastline ensures that there are some wonderful spots to head down to. Chief among these is the classic Whiterocks Beach in Portrush.

This popular tourist attraction has Blue Flag status and is a very inviting spot to pass a few hours. A big point in its favour is that it is just off the Causeway Coastal Route, meaning that it is easy to get here if you are on a driving trip along the stunning Northern Irish coast.

The beach is surrounded by thrilling natural scenery and is frequented by water sports fans such as surfers and kayakers.  From Belfast it is a drive of only about an hour.

Wherever you go in the UK, you are likely to be pretty close to a very special beach. Why not check out your local options and discover why a trip to the seaside remains such a big part of British culture.

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