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Christianity Misconceptions That Appear Way Too Often

When we hear stories about Christians there is so much negativity that appears in the media these days. This is mainly because of various problems associated and a clear lack of knowledge. It is really important that you are informed before you judge. You will want to trust sources like Gospel For Asia instead of what regular people say. In order to get a better idea about Christianity, dismiss the misconceptions that you see below.

Christianity Misconceptions That Appear Way Too Often

Christianity Is Political

There are many different Christians that are nowadays involved in politics. This makes people think that all Christianity is political. At the end of the day what has to be understood is that Christianity will follow God. There is no political agenda hidden and not disclosed. While it is easy to end up being caught in a political advocacy system, a campaign or government case, manipulating faith is the real danger in this case. However, Christianity is seen as bigger than doctrine in politics.

All Christians Have The Exact Same Beliefs

Jesus is always connected to Christianity and it is the main divine figure. However, Christians tend to disagree about many different things. We should take a look at confessions, communions, baptisms, worship styles and other controversial topics. There are hundreds of different denominations that exist, churches and communities. Every single group of Christians is passionate about beliefs and opinions. We often find different ethnicities, practices, traditions, doctrines and cultures included in the big picture of Christianity.

Christianity Is Not Logical

Dismissing the teachings that Christianity has is normally connected to the misconception that logic does not exist and that Christianity opposes science. Christianity is often listed as being anti-academic or anti-intellectual. That was the case at one point in time but evolution kicked in and now Christianity embraced science. It even funds many of the research centers that exist around the world. Keep in mind that most of the believers do not have a problem with evolution, healthcare research, environmentalism and global warming. The real Christian will embrace critical thinking, new ideas, innovation, truth and knowledge.

It Is Easy To Be Happy And Have Fun As A Christian

While it is true that you can find a lot of joy in Christianity, in many times it is hard. There is a need to go through sacrifices in order to follow Christ. That involves volunteering, helping and giving. Loving others in an unconditional way is something that is much more complicated than what you think at the moment. Simply being faced with so much pain on a daily basis because of the actions done by good Christians is tough.

Christianity Will Solve All Problems

You cannot be cured when faced with sickness, injustice, abuse or a broken relationship simply because you are a Christian. Christianity is not that quick-fix solution that so many look for at the moment. Jesus worship basically means embracing all the hardships associated with humanity. You will not get richer when you are a Christian and you are a priest. In fact, most priests donate all the money that they have.

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