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Celebrations, traditions, arts and crafts of Italy

During a charming holiday you can to visit and enjoy the surrounding areas and get involved in celebrations and traditions of the place. On www.charminly.com/blog/celebrations-traditions-arts-crafts/ you have a guide on the events and the season in which they are organized, so you can choose your holiday even allowing for these events.

From the cherry festival in Vignola, Emilia, to the bacon festival in Arnad in Val d’Aosta, you will have a series of food and wine festivals to choose from all over the Italian territory. You can enjoy the most delicious food cooked at the moment and get involved with the typical joy of the festivals with music and folk dancing. You can discover the different varieties of Italian food: the wines, olive oil, honey, fruits, truffles, cheeses and dairy products, bread and buns, cakes. In many cases you will be speaking with manufacturers and will follow all stages of production, and you can also take cooking classes.

21 Celebrations and Traditions

On Charminlyyou can see very old religious festivals and commemorations, the festivities of the saints, the Easter ceremonies and a wide range of rites. Solemn processions and parades with costumes handed down from generation to generation, following old paths. As the ride of Sant’Oronzo in Ostuni or the Machine of Santa Rosa in Viterbo, these are ancient celebrations that are repeated from year to year without scratching the passion and devotion of the faithful people.

In addition, you will discover music festival, film and theater festivals, including folk festivals, rock and Latin dances. From the night of Taranta to Umbria Jazz, get involved from the earliest music festival from “pizzica” to the “tarantella” and other folk dances that continue to attract fans. You can participate in festivals involving contemporary music such as jazz, soul, rock and listen to the many Italian and international artists from all over the world while alternating in the stages and the locations among the squares, churches and theaters, for a musical evolusion. Also many other events concerning the theater from classical pieces to the plays of young directors, writers and actors, also with contamination of various kinds and with the contribution of Italian and international artists. Finally, the film festival, from the masterpieces to the young talents.

22 Celebrations and Traditions

On www.charminly.com/blog/celebrations-traditions-arts-crafts/ you find many pageants, tournaments and jousting with entire countries that are transformed with a jump in the past between customs, arts and crafts, knights and ladies, kings and queens, medieval banquets which evoke weddings or religious festivals, musicians, jugglers, street performers, acrobats. You can live again the Middle Ages to the present day with the taverns that reproduce the traditional menu with music, wine and beer until late at night. Also medieval games and competitions, both for kids and adults.

Also many sporting events, races, swimming races, fishing, cycling, sailing events that enliven the days and evenings especially in summer. Many markets and artisans with original handmade unique items, you will know all local craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation with the ceramics, woodwork, sewing, crocheting, where you can find many original and uncommon souvenirs. Finally, many other events such as fairs of flowers, shows and exhibitions of paintings, photography exhibitions and art installations.

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