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A Guide On the Origins of Cannabis’ Hallucinatory Properties

For centuries, people have been using cannabis for its various medicinal and recreational properties. One of the most well-known effects of cannabis is its ability to induce hallucinations. But how did this particular property come to be? Let’s take a look at the origins of cannabis’ hallucinatory properties, and if you find them interesting, go get one for yourself from Hillside Natural Wellness.

The historical perspective

The first recorded use of cannabis as a tool for inducing hallucinations can be traced back to the ancient Chinese text known as the Shennong Ben Cao Jing. This text, which was written sometime between 100 BCE and 100 CE, details the various medicinal properties of plants and herbs. Interestingly, the Shennong Ben Cao Jing also contains a description of a plant that bears a striking resemblance to cannabis. This plant, which was known as ma-yo, was said to be capable of inducing hallucinations in those who ingested it.

While the identity of ma-yo has long been debated by scholars, there is good reason to believe that it was indeed cannabis. This is because cannabis has been used in China for centuries for its various medicinal properties. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that Chinese doctors were prescribing cannabis for everything from pain relief to malaria well before the Shennong Ben Cao Jing was even written. Given this, it seems likely that the author of the text was simply recording an existing medical practice rather than inventing a new one.

The use of cannabis as a tool for inducing hallucinations spread beyond China in the centuries that followed. By 1000 CE, Arab physicians were using it to treat mental disorders and psychosis. Then, in the 1600s, English physician Robert Burton recommended cannabis as a treatment for depression and anxiety in his book The Anatomy of Melancholy. Shortly thereafter, British doctor William O’Shaughnessy began researching cannabis’ potential uses as an anesthetic. He eventually concluded that it could be useful for treating pain during childbirth and surgical procedures.

The concluding approach

This tutorial is for you if you want to try cannabis for the first time or if you’re just curious about it. Cannabis, generally known as marijuana, is a plant that grows in many regions of the world organically. It has a wide range of applications, including leisure, medical, and even spirituality.

If this information has aroused your curiosity about trying cannabis, be sure to conduct your own research so that you can make an informed decision about what type of product is best for you.

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